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Gelatin wholesale![blooming of gelatin]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions, Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary, Qi Qin: Jiangsus industry is still in the low-end low-end in the global industrial chain=•, on the afternoon of March 6■▼, Jiangsu Open Day. Beijing News (Reporter Chen Peng) On March 6th, at the opening day of the Jiangsu delegation, he talked about how to conduct high-quality development topics, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary said Jiangsu. The current short board includes the industry is still in the middle and low-end, regional development imbalances, urban and rural development imbalances. ●●▼”How to make high quality development, you must see which short boards in Jiangsu.” Completely said that the industry of Jiangsu is still in the middle and low-ends of the global industry chain, and it is strong in China, but from the global industry chain. From the perspective of the layout, there is no comprehensive high-end level. High spe?

Original title▷◇: Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology talked about “porting the number transfer■◆▼■”: Has been pilot in 5 provinces and cities, fully realizing at least 2020, the 13th National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference■▪, industrial and informationization The deputy director Rowan responded to the issue of the Chinese Science and Technology Association of Science and Technology on the mobile phone ▼◇”port number transfer”, which has been actively safe and promoted, and there is a certain technical difficulty in the actual pilot operation, in the country Realize at least 2020. Proposed in the Government Work Report, to cancel traffic “roaming” fee◇▷▲, the mobile network traffic tariff reduces at least 30% year. The people will get practical and convenient. The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the academician of the Information and Electronic Engineering Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, asked questions, mobile phones in the mass gelatin raw materials line!

Original title: Li Xiaoxixuan representative: Let the “Ice Flower Boy” become a history on March 8, the Yunnan delegations review plan and budget two reports, Li Xiaoxixuan from the education community proposed▼■, to continue to increase the central finance to Yunnan Border Ethnic Areas The support of education is supported, accelerating the short board, let the “ice flower boy” rush to go to school…▽▼, becoming history as soon as possible. □▽”In January this year…■, the photo of the Luandian County of Luandian County, the photo of the” Ice Flower Boy “, reflected in the history of the vast majority of poverty mountains in Yunnan, the problem of the child, and the problem of school.◆▲☆” Li Xiaoxuan said To completely solve the problem of poverty in Yunnan◁•, blocking the intergenerational delivery of poverty, is still in education. Li Xiaoxuan said that the governments work report proposes•▷•, “education investment continues to difficulties and weak lin best organic liquid collagen vegan collagen▷•=▼ bovine bone collagen peptide powder!