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Pure collagen protein bars industry statistics,[lm pectin]Original title: 2018 National Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference is Yingyi…=…▲: Although the economic goal is lowered▪△-, the high-quality development challenge is a largest national Chinese government conference★▷★●, the president of the School of Economics, Tsinghua University Economics, Qian Yingyi. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yujing Xinjing News (Reporter Hou Runfang) Today, the second reporter will be held in the Great Hall of the Peoples Games. Qian Ying○△•, member of the National Committee of China▼–•, Dean of the Tsinghua University Economics and Management, said that although the expected goal of economic growth this year is low, the economy has changed in high quality development◆•▼◁, and the pressure and challenge of work●★◁▼. Qian Ying said that this years economic expectation is 6▲▼.5%•□, which is flat to the expected goal set last year. “This year is different from previous years, the nineteen has determined the turn of high-speed growth to high quality growt.

Original title: Is there a honest person in 10 kinds of organs in the Peoples Daily◇…? Reusing honest people, is an important means of establishing a good atmosphere. So what is the honest people in the organ? Lets take a look▲★! 01 Dont be with you▼▼-, people who can actively cooperate with you, they are not good at and leadership, work in order to serve•▲◇, returning, not confused. They took the initiative to do things…▷•, listening to the arrangement, paying attention to the big bureau, not greed★●▽▼. 02 Dont move more and you can understand your hard work, you have a little growing in your work. You can care about the care of the organization and leadership in your life■-▼. Then they will invest in a better state, use practical actions to repay the care of the organization, not throu!

Original title★▼: Nearly half of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee of the Provincial Committee, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee■☆•…, the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, there is another personnel adjustment. Recently, Guizhou Provinces only key news portal “Colorful Guizhou Net” shows that Wang Xiaoguang resume withdrawn from the list of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee●△◇, showing that it is no longer serving as the Standing Committee of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee■▪□=. According to public information▼▪, Wang Xiaoguang was born in October 1961=◁, Shandong Juye=□△, in-service graduate degree, masters degree. Previously work has been in Guizhou Province. He studied at the Guiyang Normal College Sports Department in Guiyang Normal University. After graduation, he wanted for a long time in Guizhou. He has served as Secretary of the Wuzhuang District Committee of Guiyang City=★. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee■☆, Mayor, Secretary of the Liuyi Shui Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Zunyi Municipal Party Committee▽◇◇○. In April 2014, Wang Xiaoguang became expensiv!

Original title☆▷: The latest size 00 capsule volume☆▼! The Chinese diver found a feet of the disappearing of Phuket ships what is gelatin from gelatin capsule size 000! Survivors tell a minute of life and death .•★.◆▽▷★. The latest news According to overseas network news■▲, the Thai governments Liaison Office issued the latest news at 17△▷▲:00 on July 7•□, the Phuket cruise incident has caused 41 people to die, there are 15 people missing. Survivors told that the reporter arrived in Thailand at 8 oclock on the evening of July 6th▼●•▷, and I saw Huang Xiaofeng from Haining in Phuket Administration Hospital. He is the employee of Haining Haipai Furniture Co., Ltd., he said that the day when you go out cloudy day. Haining rescued tourists Huang Xiaofeng☆□◁▼: The morning is cloudy, it seems that it is not raining, when we come back, before the weather, the weather is good, 4 oclock, the weather will change. The sea is suddenly windy, the cruise ship is on the s?

Original title: Changsheng biological name▷★==, 34 bank accounts are all frozen 2.8 billion investment projects New Beijing News China New Beijing News (Reporter Li Yunqi) On July 30, listed company ST Changsheng (Original Securities□-▽: Changsheng Biology The publishing announcement says that the company and the entire subsidiary of the company have all been frozen, the companys planned total investment of 1.6 billion yuan of raised funds and 1.2 billion subsidiary industrial park project have been suspended. ST is known, because the account is frozen, the company cannot pay the raised fund project and the subsidiary industrial park project, the waterpox vaccine rabie vaccine workshop technology transformation project, vaccine product research and development project, marketing network construction project, information construction project is suspended The subsidiary industrial park project is also suspende○■●!