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[is jello a homogeneous mixture]Original title: The 13th National Peoples Congress has voted the decision on the reform programs of the State Council▷▪; the eighth round institution reform is open to the institution reform: a profound change of national governance March 13, a citizen uses mobile phone to shoot The house number of the national food bureau. According to the State Council Institutional Reform Plan, the Ministry of State Council will decrease by 8▷★••, and the deputy mechanism is reduced by 7. When the news came out, the public came to take photos before the institution of the institution. This edition photography / Beijing News reporter Zhu Jun On March 13, the public took pictures in front of the National Tourism Administration. On the same day, heard a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress to listen to the instructions on the reform plan for the State Council. On March 14▪★•▪, 2013, the public took a group photo in front of the railway plaque. According to the reform and functional transformation of the State Council institutio?

Original title: (Social) 75 townships in Hunan have been hit by heavy rain, Shaoyang▷■, etc. 202 townships suffered heavy rains, 75 townships suffered heavy rain★=, including the city=…◆, Shaoyang City, Shaodong County, etc. On the 19th, heavy rainfall began to attack Hunan, the Hunan Meteorological Observatory issued the first rainstorm yellow warning this year▲=★. Rainfalls come, Shaoyang=□▽, Loudi, Huaihua and other places have rainstorm, and the local rain is encountered●▼. Bottled in rainfall, water in some parts of Shaoyang District•□■, Shaodong County, etc●◆◁. The meteorological department is expected, in the next three day?

Original title: Hu Chunhua▲▽□, in Gansu, retransmitting the poverty, stressing, stressing and making a good fortune, unsatisfactory▪-○■, universal, universal■△■, Xinhua News Agency-◁△-, March 25●○◆▽, China Communist Party Committee◁★●△, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua 23rd to 25th, Cancerity★◆•. He emphasized that we must fully study the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party in depth◆◇=○, in-depth implementation of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the provision of ●•”Government Work Report◁▪▷▪”, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility of depletion★▪▼, further increase work Strengthen, unclusions to implement the partys central decision-making deployment, and resolutely lay a good job of escapies the poverty battle. Gansu Province involves three concentrated continental specialty areas of Liupanshan★●■, Qinba Mountain and Tibetan areas, and the poverty face is large and the degree of poverty is deep. Hu Chunhua came to Xiahe County■□, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture▲…, Gannan Provinc•▽.