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[industrial scale protein purification and preparation]Original title●▽•▲: This statement on the Ministry of Commerce of China has passed a core information! Source: On July 12, Niu Bang Pin, Chinas Ministry of Commerce suddenly issued a statement▪•▲, and the ocean sprinkled more than 2,000 words◆☆, divided into six aspects. At the same time, the English version is also distributed. China and English are also launched at the same time, just in the early morning of Washington, this is obviously a well-prepared action. In the view of Bullpiano, it passes a core information■==: we are not emotional, lets talk to the United States, let everyone see▽▼○○, who is quite unreasonable. This is clearly targeted. In the international, the United States has a voice, and its own legal basis for Chinas merchandise. China counterattack is unreasonable; in China○•▪, there are indeed some people very confused, le.

Original title=-…△: The salary of the high tube has a monthly salary of 25…▽,000 to 1200 lawyers▽…◁□: Compliance with the Voice of China “News” report. A few days ago, there were media reports, and Mr. Yushang is a large customer manager of a US logistics company in Xiamen, has worked for 24 years. One medical examination 3 years ago, he was diagnosed as liver cancer, hospitalized month, when he saw the wage bar, only 1200 yuan, this is the salary during medical treatment. Since the original monthly salary is 25,000 months, this makes him a huge gap. I▲-▷. Mr. Ke, corporate, legal compliance, is not aimed at the interview with the person in charge of the company in Xiamen District, said that the company pays wages and legal compliance based on relevant regulations△•. Mr. Ke□…□★: “The salary of 1200 yuan is like th korea collagen pectin for jams Gelatin wholesale! collagen peptides beef vs fish fish gelatin!

Original title: 5G to commercial, enterprise Moxi-all 5G network has far from the reporter Long Yuemei Sun Yusong Fu Yifei this years government work report proposed to promote the ★…■△”fifth-generation mobile communication◁○★” industry development of◁☆. According to the plan, 5G commercial use is expected to be fully implemented in 2020. 3G running, 4G and running China, working hard to lead in the upcoming 5G era. “It is recommended to set up a national 5G Strategic Committee” •○●-“It is recommended to establish a national 5G industry alliance” “establishment of 5G National Strategic Fund as soon as possible” “Difficult to reduce the use of 5G terminal software”, during the two sessions◆☆-, driving 5G faster to apply, become One of the hot topics that represent the committee☆…. Recommendation Release Notes 5G Development Action Guide my country is a.