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Pectin manufacturer.[importance of protein denaturation in food industry]Original title: Málawi △◁■☆”Red Flag Floating” ten years, China project printed on local banknotes Chinas Wire Circulation banknotes in Malawi. [Global Times Comprehensive Report] Liberia◇◆, Senegal, Chad□■, Malawi, Gambia-◆, Sheng Dome and Principe●□, Burkina Faso, in the past 15 years◁•, Taiwan lost =•-“Bang Dranon” in Africa▼●○, now only remaining Swaziland a so-called •▽”Friends”. Malawi has established a diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China on December 28, 2007. It has passed 10 years◆●▲▽. What changes happen in the southeast Africa▷○▷? The author went to Malawi twice in recent years and maintains a wide contact with local Chinese institutions and Chinese overseas Chinese. After China Horse, the project of Chinas assigned project was printed on banknotes, and Chinese companies copied orders to local cotto.

Original title□△▲▽: The peoples leadership team of the Peoples Bank of China officially updated, sorting is such a leadership team of the Chinese Peoples Bank officially landed–■☆. The official website of the Peoples Bank of China updated the “Leadership” column in the evening of March 26◆◇○□, the 60-year-old Easy Out of the Peoples Bank of China◁▽, the Director of the Peoples Bank of China▲★■, deputy secretary of the party committee; Guo Shuqing◆▪▽○, the 61-year-old Guo Shuqing, was served as the Party Secretary and Vice-General of the Peoples Bank of China The official website of the Peoples Bank of China updated the ◇△☆”Leadership” column in the evening of March 26th, other lines of leaders also included three deputy director●★◇◁, a discipline inspection team leader and a sect assistant. Among them◇=, the first pairman is 52-year-old Chen Yuli. 55-year-old Pan Meng is the Secretary for Vice President and the Secretary of the National Foreign Exchange, and another vision is a 54-year-old Fanfei, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection The group leader of the discipline inspection team is 51 years old Xu Jia.

China New Network reported that the Russian satellite network reported that Local Time 26, the US Department of Defense spokesperson John Kebi said that the five-corner building did not call Russia as “enemy”. On the same day…•■, at the press conference, in the face of the request to comment on Russian and Serbian Joint military exercises▪◆◇, Kebi said that he did not have any details about this military exercise•-, so it could not talk in detail. Subsequently●★, a reporter said that the Pentagon expressed interested in Russia, and mentioned that “Serbia as one of the NATO members, the organization is inherent to combat Russia★•=, and now the country is experiencing with the enemy.” Kebi paid this: “No one gives the Russian buckle enemy h.

Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28th, on May 28▽□★, 13▼-◁☆:50, Hefei City, Xinzhi•★, Xinzhang, Zhizhou, was sent to the hospital. At this point■=-, the two cases of diagnosis cases reported in the city of this round of the city have been cured. After discharge, it will continue to stay in Hefei City Correlation Point for medical observation★△▲▽. According to epidemiological surveys…■, Lu Mou■▪◁, Department of Feixi County reported a colleague of Li Mou, a colleague■□, who took K1071 train from Beijing on May 10, and stayed in the same room at the same room in June 11. (End) [Editor: Chen Haifen.