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[industrial whey protein]Original title: Will China break the …▼=•”crude oil dollar hegemony”? Japanese Media☆●…, May 19, 2017★■△■, China National Petroleum Group Company announced that China s crude oil pipeline crude oil officially entered China at 16 oclock on the same day, this is a view of Ruili Lighting▼…•. Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Bing Reference News Network reported on March 28th▪□, China Shanghai Futures Trading Market officially launched crude oil futures trading in RMB◁△=○. This is hoping to open the gap in crude oil trading in “dollar”. China also attracts overseas companies to participate in transactions by introducing preferential tax systems. It shows the idea that hopes to reflect Chinas demand to crude oil prices by increasing market participants. But it is also facing how to ensure liquidity, and cultivate it in.

Original title■△=: Chinas four sea police boats entered the Diaoyu Islands, the cruise cruise was reported by Japan. On September 12th, Japans 11th Tube District Sea Security Headquarters said that after 7 oclock in the morning on September 12, 4 The Chinese sea police ship entered the Diaoyu Islands Sea Sailing. The Japanese Maritime Security Office issued a warning from four sea police boats, and continued to monitor our sea police ship▼◁▷. To around 9:00 am, 4 Chinese navy boats will continue to perform tasks 30 to 32 kilometers from the west side of Diaoyu Islands. The Japanese Maritime Security Department still continues to warn and surveillance it•▽☆. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the increase in national defense▷•=…, my country has continuously strengthened the insights around the Diaoyu Islands. At the same time, Japan is closely concerned about the changes in Chinas military powe.

Original title: What kind of people are the luxurious friends of the central banks new rudder…☆★? On March 19, 2018△▷, the 13th National Peoples Congress has voted voted for voting, and decided to take the governor of the Peoples Bank of China and officially replaced Zhou Xiaochuan for 15 years. Easy expressed the election of the election: “The mood is calm★◆△△, solemn●…○, will work according to the oath of the oath.” The scholar is appointed by the end of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the first batch of people walking into the university campus after the college entrance examination. Similar to Zhou Xiaochuan, they are from the scholars, with a doctorate▷△▽. More than 20 papers published in English international academic journals, 11 of which were included in its journals and electronic indexes by the Economics Document Journal•◁□□. In the research direction, Easy is mainly based on measuring economics=•●, monetary banking and international financ.Pectin manufacturer.