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[kosher collagen]Original title: The agricultural rural department officially listed, Han Chang Yun, the Ministry of Agriculture In March this year, the original •△☆”Ministry of Agriculture of the Peoples Republic of China” renamed “The Agricultural Rural Department of the Peoples Republic of China”. In the updated “Department Leaders” column, Han Chang was honored by Ministers, Party Secretary▼▷★▽. The remaining 12 leaders are, Yu Xinrong, Han Jun★◁, Zhang Tao Lin, Qu Dong Yu…◇●, Wu Qinghai, Yu Chi, Song Jianchao, Tang Huajun=△, Wu Hongyao◁•, Zhang Zhongqiu, Ma Aiguo, Zhang He Cheng. According to the State Council Reform Plan approved by the 13th National Peoples Congress, the responsibilities, the responsibilities of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Development and Refo.

Original title☆●: Anhui Provincial Governor: Visually responds to the concerns of the peoples judicial impartiality to the National Peoples Congress▷=◆◁, Anhui Governor Li Guoying. Yan Jingjing Torge Network Beijing March 12 (Reporter Yan Jingjing Wu Lin) On March 10, Anhui delegation held a plenary meeting and group meeting to review the two high work reports▲△□▲. The representative of the National Peoples Congress△★, and Li Guoying, the governor of Anhui Province……◇•, expressed its entire report●•□▪. Li Guoying said that the two high reports fully implemented the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era▲△, and tightly revolve the overall “five-in-one○▽○” overall layout and coordination to promote the △•■•”four comprehensive” strategic layouts=☆=★, summarize the work facts to speak, use data expression Analysis issues are not evasive, find accurate, deployment is clear, the path is correct△•▷▲, the measures are accurate○☆-■, and the road of socialism with Chinese characteristi▼☆!

Original title: One year◆◇★◁, six cities★▷–, ▪▷▼▼”China 1927″ innovation method tells historical sources: film tongue March 2 morning, by the Beijing Municipal Committee Propaganda Department◆◆▷, Beijing TV Station “Archives•▼” column under construction six episodes large-scale documentary ” China 1927 △◁◆”, held a film in Beijing TV. Expert scholars, troops, college students from party history, military, social science○▪…, and media, and more than 30 media reporters have watched some of the dramas of this documentary●•, and from content conception▷•◆●, practical significance and shooting techniques. Aspects have analyzed and interpreted “China 1927″. The six episodes of large-scale documentary ▷•▼”China 1927▷▲▼★” will be connected to the two episodes of Beijing Satellite TV at 22:15 on March 5th to 7th, using a new expression method▷☆▪, telling the most complex history▼●■▪, interpretati.

Original title: China improves the national defense budget, do not have to be frightened (Heroes▪●, two sessions) “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition▼●◇◁” (March 07, 2018) Every year, Chinas national defense spending issues will always cause some foreign media inexplicable Stunning. In 2018, Chinas defense budget exceeded 1.1 trillion yuan▷△=, the growth rate was 8.1%, and the concerns of some overseas public opinion were also triggered▷▲■. After all◁◇☆, this is the first national defense expenditure number after Chinas big knife. From the absolute number, Chinas military expenditure has increased to be “scary”, but if you really study it◆△, this increase is normal and it is necessary■○▷▼. In the early stages of reform and opening up=■□, in order to ensure economic growth, China is in a very long history of histor.

China News Network May 27, the newsletter of the Ministry of Electronics, Sun Wenjian said on the 27th that the special rectification operations at all levels of transportation law enforcement are accelerated and implemented at all levels of transportation departments. To organize comprehensive touch, clean up the fines of transportation system, find out the base, classification statistics, and clean up and govern the penalty from the source. The Ministry of Transport held in May on the 27th▽□◁, there is a reporter question◇☆■, and the recent transportation department has deployed special rectification activities in the field of transportation law enforcement▷=▲▪, what is the current progress? Sun Wenjian said that special rectification actions in the field of transportation law enforcement are the current in the transportation departmen. application of proteins in food industry industrial purification of proteins

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