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Gelatin capsule.[collagen bovine peptides]China Weather Network News According to the National Early Warning Information Release Center, Beijing Shijingshan District, Mentougou District, Haidian District and Fangshan District Meteorological Observatory have released blue and yellow warning signals. Shi Shan District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning of heavy rain at 11:20-■◁•, the current rainfall of Shijingshan District has reached 30 mm▽▼, and it is expected that heavy rainfall will continue in the next three hours, please pay attention to prevention. Tengou District Meteorological Observatory issued a rainstorm blue warning at 11:38, the current Tunlevuan Temple has reached 30 mm=•☆, and it is expected that the rainfall will continue▷=□, and the shallow mountain area can reach 50mm. Please pay attention to prevention. Haidian District Meteorological Observatory issued a blue early warning of heavy rain at 12:44, and the current short weather in Haidian District has reached 30 mm. It is expected that Haidian will have a strong end of Haidian in the next three hour.

Original title: Shanxi-▷•: All-in-one, cross-provincial ID card is fully accepted, and the reporter Sun Liangquan–●◁, Hu Jinguo) reporter learned from the Shanxi Provincial Public Security Department, from April 1st, all household registration police station in Shanxi Province Comprehensively carried out a cross-provincial resident ID card◆★▪•. According to the ☆•”Notice on the▪◁…” Regional Acceptance Work in the Provincial Public Security Police Station “▪▼, the public security organs of the Shanxi province will set up a job, formulate specific work programs, clear timetable and roadmaps, and ensure All household registration police stations start the cross-provincial resident ID card in different places○■□. At the same time, organize business and technical training, guiding the grassroots units and the police to accurately grasp the specific requirements of cross-provincial resident ID cards, and proficient in technical processes=◆. In addition, noti.

Original title…■: Auction “penalty is not meat” into a prohibited product, this pot will be a ▷◁■◆”penalty of flesh” into △☆★”illegal products”, obviously cant be taken▷◁☆. ▲ Is there such a thing? Wen Yu Licheng According to the news report, Hunan Merchants Zhang Sanjun seized and entrusted the frozen meat products from the law enforcement departments purchased by Nanning, Dongxing□▽, etc., and shipped back to Hunan sales. It was also identified as being identified-□. “The country prohibits animals and products from animal disease epidemic country / region◇◆.” In July last year, he was prosecuted by the Linyi County Procuratorate because of the suspected sales of safety standards◆☆, the first time, the prosecution also appended the sin of the suspected sales of counterfeit products. The meat is still the meat, and it is legal in front of the specific area; after the exterior and time in this area, it has become ○◆△□”violatio-◁☆?