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[is collagen in gelatin]Original title: The Groups military commander secretly secretizes: Changan Street Introduction, During the two sessions of Changan Street Practice, talk about the new changes in the system structure, the development of new achievements, and the new weather in the army. In the latest interview video, Xie Zeng Gangjong◁•▽★, the 83rd Army, Xie Jongji▽○-●. He served as a staff member of the Xinjiang Military Region, a teacher of a teacher▲▪□, the deputy military commander of the original No. 47th Army, the Ordinary of the 21st Group. In April last year, the Central Military Commission decided to adjust the original 18 group army to the 13 group army, Xie Zeang has changed to the 83rd Group Arms. In the video==, Xie Zenggang focused on the new combat power of the group army – air assault t.

Original title…☆: Chinas all-round institution reform: politicians and is the national •-▪◆”two sessions○△” that have just closed, China has announced a heavy state institution reform program, integration, and abolition▽-■, and the scope of the establishment of the State Council, covering the ecology Environment, agriculture△★–, justice, finance☆…◇, immigration policies, retired military affairs, etc•○•. In 40 years of Chinas reform▽△▲◇, the State Council has conducted 7 institutional reforms, basically the word “minus”. For example, 1998 reforms, the State Councils formulation department is adjusted to 29, and the administrative system is streamer. At the same time, this State Council reform is more focused on ★◆”optimization”. Taking agriculture as an example, in the past■•, the government-related government management functions were dispersed in the Ministry of Agriculture▽…=◇, the Ministry of Water Resources◇▷, a.

Original title: Chinese trade counterattacks, the United States is a bit messy…▲: Global Rui reviews are announced in the United States to export US $ 50 billion in the United States for less than 11 hours○▷, and the Chinese anti-list will be released in detail. This is a right retaliation▲★★•! Products involve a few major industries, soybeans△☆□□, cars, aircraft and other US advantage products◇◁▽▷, namely◇◇•. The Chinese counterfeit list quickly quickly△●, it can be seen before, and the homework has been made fine. Undoubtedly, this should be an anti-attack catalog after many professionals△★▼=. Since it is announced, it is declared, it will be able to play in the future●◁◇. Now, go to the feet of Americans, after 60 days of publicity period•…●, the US wants to implement punitive tariffs▽□, do not want to imagin fish based collagen peptides geratin hydrolyzed chicken collagen type ii!Gelatin wholesale fish collagen peptides benefits,