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Gelatin capsule![gelatin bloom]Original title: Invites Seven typical cases pork gelatine supplier! Today, Dalians city leading cadres will meet■◇☆▽! On the scene of the General Assembly, “Grand View○○” WeChat public No. March 24th, Dalian City Leading Cadre warning education conference was held in the hotel. The meeting implemented the partys 19th National Congratulations on the Strategic Deployment of Strictly Administration Party□◁•, and Implementing the Important Speech and Important Secretary of Top Secretary on Strengthening the Construction of Style Construction, informing the Dalian City, not acting, not act, and chaos as typical problems□-. The case is the case, the alarm bell is long, and further increases the ■★★”four winds” strength, and perseverely promotes the change of cadres. Tan Zuozhen, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee●▷, and the municipal party committee secretary Tan Zuoheng attended the meeting and speaking, the deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, the mayor Tan Chengxu hosted, Xiao Shengfeng, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress, Wang Qi, Chairman of the Municipal Peoples Congress, attended▽△. Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspectio.

Original title•□◁: From the court to escape the drug dealers escape trajectory: big truck wants to go to Chengdu, ready to take a bath, ▼◆”How did you escape-▷•◁?△◆▪★” “The court will open the court.” “Take the staff not pay attention to you.◇▷” ◆▷□▷”” Yes marine fish collagen peptide gelatin powder waterproof wholesale capsule weight inspection! “” Where did you run out? How do you live? “” Begging nearby ☆•☆”★◁..▽◁▼. July 19-▽, the public security bureau of Hunan Province in Huaihua Municipal Public Security Bureau Next, accurately study and judgment▼□…▲, the police dispatched, successfully captured the A-class fugitives of the Ministry of Public Security in the 23-day, Jiangsu Nantong Development Zone Court escaped by the drug trafficking suspect Macashijiang. In the face of the civilian police, Ma Tingjiang briefly said the trajectory of his escape: In order to finally go to Chengdu, he successively entered Anhui, Hubei, as long as you s–….

China Youth Daily▪★◁-: Since the launch of the exam enrollment system in 2014★◇…□, Shanghai Zhejiang took the lead in implementing a new college entrance examination last year. What is the problem? The next step is to advance the college entrance examination reform, what new action○△○○? Chen Baosheng: The reform of the college entrance examination enrollment system is a reform that launches the whole body. In the education comprehensive reform, he is in the stamp. Last year◆●, Shanghai Zhejiangs college entrance examination enrollment system reform has stable and landing, has achieved success and provides experience in other provinces reform. Chen Baosheng=○=★: To say the results, it is in such a few aspects. A result is a teaching reform that affects high school, this is very important. The reform of the college entrance examination☆○★…, the enrollment reform is a command stick, the baton is changed. Reform teaching in high schools must cooperate accordingly. Chen Baosheng: So from Shanghai Zhejia▪▽☆■!

Authoritative Express China Artificial Sun Established 100 million 100th Second World Record May 28 The successful realization of 120 million degrees Celsius 101 seconds and 160 million degrees Celsius 20 seconds, and the original record of 100 million degrees Celsius is prolonged by 5 times. Researchers said that the new record further proved the feasibility of nuclear fusion energy, and also laying physics and engineering foundations for commercial use. (Reporter Xu Haitao, Chen Noo) [Editor□…△-: Jiang Yuwe.