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[gelatin immune system]Original title: The United States 301 investigates the fact that China strengthens intellectual property protection, ignoring the rules of the WTO, ignoring the voices of the industry, China resolutely oppose and confident, there is any challenge – who wants to fight trade war, China is accompanied by the end▷=▷▼! On March 22nd, the US President Turkish signed a memorandum, based on the China 301 investigation report released by the US Trade Representative Office, the Directive Relevant departments take restrictions on China◆★. ▼◆•-“The United States ignores the facts of China to strengthen intellectual property protection▷▲, ignore the rules of the WTO…◆●, ignore the voices of the industry▷▷△☆, is alone, this is a typical single-sided and trade protectionism, China resolutely opposed.” Ministry of Commerce spokesperson March 23 Say, in any case△•○▪, China will not sit on the legitimate rights and interests-▲▪-, we have made fu.

Original title☆▲: The new political party system highlights “Chinas Advantage” The biggest concentric circle “Recently, at the National Committee of China Association▷◆=, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the concept of new political parties★△△▽, triggered at home and abroad and affirmation. General Secretary Xi Jinping explained that the new feature system is different from the new characteristics of the old political party system……★. The analysis of the old political parties is different, and the vision of the Chinese and Western, showing a firm system confidence, highlighting the full China Advantage. The new political party system highlights the •□”China Advantage” and is reflected in a wide range of representative. Multi-party cooperation and political consultation system leading the Communist Party of China is Ma native path collegen!

On the 23rd, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education clearly requested the provinces primary and secondary schools to make full use of the school in management•▼, personnel and venue=■★▷, and assume the responsibility of the student after-school service●◇. After class service, after lunch service★=▽, lunch break and after class Trusted three items, time for the morning, after school, after 18:00 in noon and afternoon-=, there is a conditional school to take the initiative to provide breakfast▼□▼, lunch services for the needs of students•★□. During the hosting period○○, each primary and secondary schools must not arrange teaching or changing classes during the post-class. Does primary and secondary school students participate in after school after school, they will be voluntarily selected by the students=……, and after-school services have also adhered to the principle of universal, based on fiscal input▪●▼, and parents share the practice of operating costs. This initiative is also expected to solve the problem that many parents who have a long-term child get out of school. (CCTV reporter Zha.

Original title: I cant stand the Macao media into Tiandian China, Vanuatu media anger collagen type ii from chick! China aid South Tai Island Country issues hot up from Macao media about △▲-“China in Vanu A Tu”. Although Chinas official has rumored this☆★●○, the Australian who has fallen into this is still full of anxiety and fear. However, for this “honest=□▲” rumors, Vanuatu finally couldnt help but respond to Australia: “I want to be the leader in the Pacific area, listen to our opinions first collagen oem Gelatin capsule, collagen powder food grade!□◁△□” Australian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister will go to London to attend the United States National Summit on April 19. The “China Influence★•” expanded the Nantas uneasy Australia to move the mind. “Australians” 18th issued a document, “As part of its mission▼▼▪, the Australian leaders will urge the UK★…▷…, India a.

Chinas new network reported that the local time is on the 25th▪□★◇, the United States has lowered the safety rating of Mexico Airlines, and Mexican Airlines add new flights in the United States. According to reports, the US Federal Aviation Authority is despite the opposition of the Mexican government▼◆☆☆, announced that the Mexican Air Safety Rating will be lowered, which will reduce it from 1 to international standards to 2 categories, and it will strengthen the review of Mexico to US flights☆★▷★. The second class rating means that Mexico does not have “supervising the necessary conditions according to the minimum international safety standard▷■”, or the Civil Aviation Authority in ★▼□…”professional technology, personnel training•=, maintain safety flight records, check procedures or aviation safety solutions “Waiting for o.