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[industrial chromatography of proteins]Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing Tang ◆■□”grab the people” war▪…●•: grab the talent to win the future last year, more than ten large and medium-sized cities have set off the introduction of talents •◇”grab□◇•” war◁•◆, and all preferential policies are dazzling. As Xian, which has just been approved, building a national center city, is particularly eye-catching in this ★△◇★”talent battle”. Why is Xian so big to •☆◁”grab people”? What is the guarantee of the work in Xian? How to improve in the environment★▽○▼, security•▷? A few days ago…◇□, the National Peoples Congress representative…•, Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing accepted an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers▷■, view journalists=☆, and introduced the basic advantages of the citys central cities in Xian. Talking about “grab the people”■◇: grab the talent to win the future view: Xian is now open to introduce the talents at home and abroad△◁▪, whether it .

Su Hui resume Su Hui□●, female, Han nationality, born in May 1956, Taiwan, Taiwan At the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the Chairman of the Taishang Central Committee▪◆. 1975-1978 China Measurement Science Research Institute Electric Room Workers 1978-1982 Central Finance Finance College (now Central University of Finance and Economics) Finance Department of Finance Department of Finance Department of Finance Department of 1982-1986 Beijing Finance Bureau Work Management Office Cadres 1986-990 Beijing Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau, Deputy Director of the Housing Reform Management Office, deputy director of the Beijing Finance Bureau■▲, Vice Director●•, Vice Director of the Beijing Finance Bureau◆■▪, Housing Reform Manageme▷●◆.

Original title△□△▼: Major Rohist: Military Exhibition is ●◇▲▪”Wutong” probe, “war criminal-○▲•” Lai Qingde will be touched! There is no jealousy in the army genetically engineered proteins for industry cell culture for industrial production of recombinant proteins Pure collagen what is bovine collagen peptides made from functional properties of proteins in food industry!! Recently, the wind is in the Taiwan Sea. The United States has passed the …◇•”Taiwan Travel Law” and challenges the principle=◇. If the US National Security Consultant Bolton, the US National Security Consultant Bolton, the US military has stopped to form a subversive damage to Sino-US relations. Taiwans “Administrative Dean” Rai Qinghe frequently spreads ◇-◆=”Taiwan independence★■○” remarks, claiming to be ◇-△”pragmatic Taiwan independence workers”, Taiwan authorities are also strateling to reduce the “referendum” threshold, engage in formal alone, “all kinds It has seriously touched a Chinese primer●★, the Peoples Liberation Army does not have a strong means to protect the law, not enough to shock “Taiwan independence☆★” splitting forces. ▲ On April 18▲△, the Army Aviation Force held a shot of the sea at sea in the southeast coas▼△▪.

Original title: Peoples Congress representative Zhang Na East Recruitment◇•: Three ways to relieve the packaging pollution source: Legal Evening News Legal Evening News · Viewing News (Reporter Wen Rujun) Today, the National Peoples Congress, Chairman Zhang Jindong, the interview with reporters, express delivery Packaging waste pollution is increasingly serious, he suggests that the green packaging regulations for express delivery industry as soon as possible. As a helmmer of private retail enterprises, Zhang Ni East passed the development of development, with the rapid development of e-commerce•=■◇, express packaging, take-away packaging, and followed waste pollution situation, promoting express packaging and reduction production and recycling●☆■, It is already a general trend. In this regard◇=▲•, Zhang Nao East suggested that the express packaging pollution from three levels, including the relevant standards and laws and regulations of the express delivery industry green packaging, improve practicality and operati.