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Contacts uses of whey protein in industry Animal glue for Adhesive,[protein quantification use in industry]Zhang Qingwei, secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, called-◇. Beijing News Reporter Xue Yu Title: Zhang Qingwei▽•◁-, Secretary of Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, “Strong”, said to stop▷★◁▪, on the morning of March 8, Heilongjiang group opened on the opening day◆…••, an official responded to reporters about the provincial agricultural development plan○■…, rural revitalization strategy When you ask questions, because of the material prepared by a preparation, Zhang Qingwei, who was “strong”★○◆, was called by Secretary of Heilongjiang Province, and interrupted twice. For the first time, Zhang Qiwei directly called the name of the official, reminding him to respond to ask questions to short, leaving more times to other reporters who want to ask; Second, Zhang Qingwei directly with the official, “reporter asked Hey, its straightforward, it doesnt need to say that the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee said, and the governor said. Then he screws into the next question. •□•”This is the case■◁•◇, you.

China New Net Haikou May 27 (Reporter Yin Hai Ming) “domestic and foreign companies are particularly optimistic about Haikou Jiangdong New District•★, all enterprises come to Haikou to visit Haikou Jiangdong New District, from this point of view, the main market main body is the construction of Hainan Self Trading Hong Kong Confidence. “Haikou City Mayor Danhui said at the press conference held in the Propaganda Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Party Committee on the 27th that Haikou Jiangdong New District will build a day and new month. In June 2018, Hainan established 298 square kilometers of Haikou Jiangdong New District, and fully accelerate the promotion planning and construction in accordance with the “two-year image, three-year function▷△…, seven-year basic formation” timetable△◇◇. Haikou Jiangdong New District is one of the 11 key parks in Hainan Trade Port▪★•★, is Hain.

Beijing News (Reporter Pan Jiao) Today (21st), the villagers in Guangxi Guilin Xiufeng District privately organized the dragon boat in Taohua River▷■…◇, and two dragon boats were rolled away▼☆, about 60 people falling water. In the evening▼▲, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Guilin Municipal Government that the incident has caused 11 people to die, there is still 6 people to lose, and the search and rescue work is in progress. At 19 oclock, the Guilin City Fire Brigade Bear Class, who participated in the live rescue, told reporters that there are currently 70 fire officers and soldiers in the middle of the country to search and rescue. While the fire officers and soldiers searched and rescue, they also intercepted downstream with blocking, and coordinated drainage to reduce the water level, which is convenient for search and rescue. ☆=■□”It has already rushed the water of two meters deep”, he said that there is a sludge below the incident, and the water is turbid, and the incident has grown one or two times△◆▼, but still some peopl☆◆.

Original title••●◇: Taiwan-funded factory ==●•”Qingtian Ban Banner-△□” was removed by Vietnam “to prevent being considered to be misunderstanding, Vietnam allows Taiwan companies to hang the Chinese people.” At the end of last month, Taiwan “Central Society▷△” This discovery is excited to make the island, claiming “This is what cant do before••●.” However, this statement of Taixia quickly was ◆◇”faced”•■★-. BBC Vietnamese channel 3rd reported that Vietnamese official denied that the Taiwan Enterprise is allowed to hang “China Peoples Flag△■▽◇”. At the Queen Enterprise□◇☆, the banner before the Furniture Factory of Vietnamese, at the routine reporter meeting on the 2nd, there were recent Vietnam Pingyang Province, a Taiwan-funded factory hanging ●-=”China Peoples Flag”, Vietnam Foreign Ministry spokesman Lis autumn, Vietnam Consistently adhere to a Chinese principle=▼▼◆. After investigation•☆◇, this approach is the spontaneous behavior of the company▪◁▲▷. Sedu.