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[porcine gelatin vs bovine gelatin]China News Agency-▽■=, May 26 (Reporter Zhang Wei) Deputy Director of the Office of the Communist Party of China Central Security and Information Technology, Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of China National Internet Information Office, said in the 2021 China International Data Industry Expo on the 26th that China will drive The Digital Data “Employment●•◆” Digital Economic Development, Digital Social Construction, Double Carbon Target◁○△■. Yang Xiaowei believes that the development of big data is an inevitable requirement to grasp the new development stage, and implement an important start of the new development concept☆▪▽▼, and build the will of the new development pattern▼□•. At present☆•-■, China has entered a new stage of development, and the “14th Five-Year Plan◆•=-” proposes●◁◇△, to meet the data era=•★◁, activate the potential of data elements, and promote the construction of strong network, accelera.

Original title▪•: (two sessions) About 201. 7 Central and local budget implementations and reports of the 201●▽★●. 8 Central and local budgets (Abstract) Xinhua News Agency, Beijing on March 5▼■…, is commissioned by the State Council, and the Ministry of Finance issued ten on March 5th▪…•. The 3rd National Peoples Congress has reviewed the “Report on the Implementation of the Central and Local Budget in 201. 7 and the Draft 201△◆=. 8 Central and Local Budget”☆□. The summary is as follows▽•=-: 1△□. . The central and local budget implementation of the central and local budget implementations are better. (1. ) 201. 7 general public budget payments. 1☆▷▽•. National general public budget. The national general public budget income is 1●▲. 7256.657 billion yuan, which is 1. 02◇•◁-.3% of the budget◆△, and the same caliber (below) in 201□◇■. 6•▽•.•◁◆!

On September 11=○, the Weibo released a description of air testing and governance work. On September 1st•△=, the company completed the first rental housing in Nine City•□▷▼, the first rental housing, and entered the air testing and governance process…-○▽; currently working with 62 CMA certified air testing agencies in the country■●•▼, forming the maximum daily production capacity of air detection 1147 Single☆…; the company has reached cooperation with Xiaomi brand, and will provide delivery to the selection of air purifiers. Beginning on September 24, after the first rental housing, after the configuration is completed•◆◁★, it must meet the air quality by the authority of the authority to test the qualified and vacant for 30 days. @ 自 如 Editor: Huo .

China New Agency■☆●★, Beijing, May 27 (Reporter Li Chun) The China National Defense Department held a routine press on the 27th…△…■, and the spokesperson Tan Kefei pointed out that you will lose me to win-◆=▪, the zero and game will only manufacture more divisions, opposition and Chaotic office. There is a reporter asked•▷◇, according to reports, the US Biden government continued to promote the “Mattar Strategy”, frequently challenged the military to China, the strategic survey of the Chinese meaning. According to the US “Foreign Policy” magazine report▼△☆, the US Department of Defense Anonymous officials said that the US government intends to increase more to Chinas defense hotline to control safety risks to prevent sneak conflicts. What comments are China•★★▲? Tan Kefei said that China has always believed that any one of the strategies should not be contrary ?

Original title: Hungtong Changjiang Bridge Tin through Jiangtong Road Wiring Engineering Bridge Circum 1 death 1 injury boiling point Xinyang News (Reporter Liu Family Ocean) Today■=◁…, Shanghai Changjiang Bridge Tin has passed the incident of Jiangtong Road Wiring Project. Today=…, in the afternoon, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation▷▲. At 8:30 today□△◆, Shanghai Tong Changjiang Tin has passed the accident of Jiangtong Wiring Project◁=, causing 1 death, 1 person injured. On-site video shows that there is a damaged bridge under the bridge under construction, and the T beam required for multiple bridge construction is horing in the ground. T-beam beam is exposed, and many people wearing construction hard hats are watching the situation. Today-△●, in the afternoon, the reporter learned from the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transportation△○. At 8:30 today, Tin passed the Jiangtong Roa spring of life bovine collagen peptides ambar protein industries ltd share price Pure collagen gelatin granules, pharmaceutical automatic soft gelatin capsule!