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[collagen skin care]Original title: Lai Qingde ▼○◇”Taiwan independence” guns violent public opinion (sound) Lai Qingde, who is in the Taiwanese political altar, shouting “Taiwan independence▪□▪=”, challenging the bottom line of cross-strait relations. In this regard, the Taiwanese Island shouted “cool” and more worry. Recently, the predecessor of Taiwans predecessor, Zhongqin Book media◇■▪, pointed out that if Lai Qingde must shout “Taiwan independence”, please return to the street movement with civilians, rather than abuse of power. The article is issued as follows△☆: Lai Qingde, known as the “Division of the Diva Party••○▲”, and the peoples public opinion support for two consecutive Tainan may have a good support. At the end of 2017◆■, I will receive “Administrative Dean”, which is his first to serve Taipei. Also gave all people to review his opportunities◁○. However▷=□, in the past six months•▼□-, the peoples mood has already changed from “high expectatio!

Original title: 2018 National Second Session, Minister of Justice: Legal Vocational Qualification Examination Implementation Measures is expected to introduce these people in the future in the future to refer to the Minister of Justice to answer reporters on the “Ministerial Channel▪-◆△”○…◁★. The Beijing News reporter Tao Yujing Xijing News (Reporter Wu Zi Zhang Wei) On the afternoon of March 3●▲, the first “Ministerial Channel” in the country opened in the northern hall of the Great Hall of the People. Zhang Jun○▲○, Minister of Justice, talked about my countrys last “Judicial Exam” last year•◆, the implementation of the national legal professional qualification examination is expected to introduce▲=•, and the registration qualification will adopt “old mans old way.” New New Measures. Zhang Jun introduced that according to this implementation approach, only the legal undergraduate graduates of full-time colleges and universities have obtained bachelor degre?

Original title: “China, China, China, manufacturing a 5G tsunami◆□”★◇●☆, want to keep up with almost impossible “US CNBC News Network quoted Deloity 7 report, China has spent 5G in 5G in the United States since 2015 A total of $ 24 billion, the number of base stations supported 5G communication is 350★▪◆■,000, which is more than 10 times in the United States – the 5G base station built in the same period of the United States is less than 30,000. According to the report, the Chinas 5G industry overall market investment will exceed the US dollars in the next five years, and Chinas 5G base station construction cost is about 35% lower than the US, and the United States wants to keep up with the rhythm. It must spend 2□▪▼•.67 times the investment in China. In this regard, Deloitte sighed in the report◇□: “China and other countries are manufacturing a 5G tsunami☆☆, I want to keep up with almost impossible○▼■. I have lo gelatin fish collagen peptide what is pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides!Pure collagen what kind of fish is used in collagen peptide bakers gelatin powder,