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Pure collagen![gelatin mw]Chinas new network May 27 (spring★◁▽, summer) African famous Nilagago volcano is again erupted on May 22, 2021, 2021, and the hot magma and strong harmful gases have brought great disasters to local residents. In the painting of the Chinese Youth Fairy Writers Zhang Hejun, the Niragono volcano eruption is a candy rain▷■, and every candy is a dream of children. On the eve of June 1 Childrens Day••●◆, the painting story created by the famous fairy tale writer Zhang Hengjun, “a candy rain” published in the Guangxi Normal University Press in the national childrens book market▲◁•◆. For Figure 2016▲◇●, a female reporter gave a local child two candies in Africa, when the reporter took a photo to the child●-▪, the chi●◆.

Original title: The Emergency Management Department will open video scheduling will deploy anti-typhoon emergency rescue work on August 20th, subject to the impact of “Wenbia”▽•, No. 18 of this year, Dalian City, Liaoning Province★◁•, has increased to heavy rain=■, causing more in the city Severe water is severe☆◇, open “see the sea▪◆▼” mode●-▼. Park Feng photo, new network on August 20th, the emergency management website news, on the evening of August 19th■◁, the Emergency Management Department once again held a typhoon flood control emergency rescue video dispatching meeting•☆, and Anhui, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin□=, Liaoning, Gansu Waiting for 10 provinces (municipal) firefighters video connection, requiring resoluteness to win the anti-typhoon flood control emergency rescue key○★. It is understood that this year has a large number of typhoon, the path is changeable□△, the precipitation is large, and the influence is wide, and the loss is serious. The Emergency Management Department requires that the fire fighting force should continue to attach great importance to it△-=, active handbook of the physicochemical properties of the elements Organic Liquid collagen!

Original title: Strict post•-: Why is Russians to fall slightly to Huayao? President of the Political Foundation of St▼▲. Petersburg●=▽: This may be related to Russians. The Russian Social Public Officer Foundation announced the latest civil programs in the last two weeks, and 62% of Russians showed China as a friendly country□●. Although this is already a very high proportion★•, this number has reached 77% in 2015. This means that Chinas Russians who have seen China as a friendly country have been reduced☆•★. Currently◁◁, the Sino-Russian relationship is in the best period of history. This some unexpected survey results have caused Russian media. “Why does Russians have a decline in China?” Russian =◆◇▽”Viewpoint” put forward this issue on the 7th▲▷-, and quoted the St. Petersburg Political Foundation President Mih. bovine collagen powder protein industry us