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Pectin manufacturer![wholesale empty gelatin capsules]Original title▲•: Developing domestic chips, China can not be three-hearted, the US Department of Commerce Week ordered to ban US companies from ZTE to sell products to China, and ZTE will suffer huge losses. ZTE products have a large amount of imported components from the United States, especially chips•□-. After the news came out, ZTE A shares, H shares doubled-•▪•, and its US suppliers stock fell sharply▷-, the most serious fell by more than 30%. The United States has been in the survey of ZTE for a long time, and ZTE is accused of being suspected of transporting sanctions to Iran and North Korea=•. In 2016▪…, the US has had a sanctions in ZTE. In 2017-●, it realizes the realization, but the US said ZTE provides false statements on the commitment to punish the companys employee issue▼•■. However-▷★, analysts most believe that these are just the US excuse. Because the case has a long tim▲▽.

Original title◆◇: Do you have a high salary of “civil servants” in multi-province and city? Is the opportunity fair? Is the civil servant pay high? Is the opportunity fair▪◇•? On July 16, the website of Xian Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued an announcement□▷, with the ◆▪◆”annual agreement salary, 200,000 and 250,000″, respectively•◆●▽, for the Xian Municipal Government Finance Office, Xian Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Xian Audit Surface recruited six civil servants from the country. The news came out, and public opinion has been widely concerned. In addition to Xian◇◆, there are currently more than 20 provinces and cities in Jilin●▲●●, Guangdong, Sichuan▼■-=, Henan★◁▪, and Shanxi Province have tried the “civil servant appointment system”▼●▷. Which talents are involved in ○▼”civil servants”? Is it reasonable? How to openly transparently eliminate “radish recruitment” to ensure fair? Hiring a civil servant threshold? report.

Source•◁-▽: Meteorological Beijing [Publishing a big wind blue early warning signal] City Meteorological Observatory on April 05, 2018▷●, issued a large-wind blue warning signal, affected by cold air, expectation to 6 days to 6 days▷▪=, most parts of the city The wind is gradually increased to level 4○◁••, and the gust can reach 7 levels▪◇◁. Please pay attention to prevention. Editor in charge-◆▪-: Huo .

China Xinwang Shijiazhuang May 27 (Zhao Dan Mei) Hebei Provincial Peoples Government Information Office held a launch conference, from June 1●▼, Hebei will fully implement property and behavioral tax merger declaration, will the original application form number from 35 Zhang is reduced to 11, the data item is reduced by 204, and the taxpayer fills the burden. According to the Requirements of the State Administration of Taxation on the Relevant Matters Relevant Matters Relevant Matters (No△•▲○. 9 of the State Administration of Taxation 2021) 10 taxes such as tax, stamp duty, deed tax. It is reported that property and behavioral tax merger declarations will be declared 10 tax.

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