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[gelatin before and after]Original title★▽▲☆: Meng girl, after 95, she came on the Wenchuan Earthquake Zone▽▪●, and the representative of the Peoples Congress representative▪□□, the 13th National Peoples Congress. On March 7, 2018•▲★•, at the 13th National Peoples Congress, the Sichuan delegation group meeting●◆△, because of his words△△△, her speech came to an abrupt•◇▽. The representatives of the scene found that this 23-year-old girl, smiled, tears. “Our country and people have experienced all kinds of difficulties and risks▲■” she is more understandable than many of the same age, this sentence□•=◆, jack◁□◇○. Some people in the scene said: ▷☆”This is the child coming out of the disaster area=★.■■” Qingchuan, this 5 · 12 Wenchuan earthquake is a very heavy small county◁▽★, is her hometown. Ten years later■-▪, s!

Original title•□▲: (Military) The new generation of the new generation of the Peoples Liberation Army◁•▽, the first revised△…•◇, the first Xinhua News Agency Beijing▲▼, April 15 (Reporter Liu Jimei◇=-, Li Yun) Recently•□■, the Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping signed an order and released a new revised “Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Communication (Trial) “” Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Disciplinary Order (Trial) “” The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Queu (Trial) “(Trial)” (Co-Common Order). The reporter learned from the Central Military Commission Training Management Department that 8 items have been written for the first time. First△★-, the first time I will write the union of Xi Jinping strong military thinking◇★△, through the articles, curing the basic laws of the military▷◆. In the General Order General, the original text references the party in the new era, “four awareness” “three maintenance” “five more attention” and “four iron” excellent troops,?

Original title: [Secret] Is the high-speed rail? Standard answer is coming fish gelatine halal how big is the protein supplement industry Pectin manufacturer empty blue capsule gelatin, protein uses in industry! The general engineer answers □●●◆… In 2010, the longest Wuguang high-speed rail in the world officially opened▽•◆★; in 2011, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail by the world was opened, and it was the opening operation of Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail, Harbin high-speed rail, Xi Cheng high-speed rail, as of In 2018, 77 high-speed rail train routes in the country have been officially put into operation. The development speed of the high-speed rail is described in the “one day thousand…=★▽”. After ten years, China has run “zero breakthrough” from high-speed rail to the global high-speed rail country, in just ten years, the development of the bomb is also the best testimony of Chinas development history★▽▷=. Question 1▼•■: Why cant the high-speed rail cant stop waiting for you▷△=? Some news reports, a passenger stopped waiting for his fami.

Original title: Office of the official booties, Maotai Wuliangyu valuation of 600,000 Source: Changan Street In January this year……-◆, Chinas electronic shopping website conducted a “special-△” auction▽…, the lottery is not ordinary goods◁■=, but the original deputy secretary of Yunnan Qujing Municipal Committee Li Yunzhong bribed the booties, including the mobile phone three, mini ipad, two pieces of the Emerald and Jetta. Changan Street□▼◆, Id□○=…: WeChat ID: CapitalNews=▷=•, noted that a batch of famous wine and other famous wine in the lot. According to the court, the valuation of these famous wine is as high as more than 60 million. Just this batch of wine although the two auctions and one sale were sold●◆▼■, they were finally filmed due to unmancing▲△☆▼. Li Yunzhong, which is displayed in the auction website, and the price according to the evaluation of this batch of win.

[Hainan Province decided to set up Haikou Jiangdong New District: Construction China (Hainan) Free Trade Test Area Key First Area] June 3, China (Hainan) Trade Zone Haikou Jiangdong New District Press Conference held in Haikou•…▷•: decided to establish Haikou Jiangdong The new district, which is a key preceding area of ​​the construction of China (Hainan) free trade test area; the total area is approximately 298 square kilometers, divided into the Eastern Ecological Function Zone and Western Production City Fusion Area; the construction of the innovation area of ​​the reform and opening up test area will be constructed. Construct the exhibition area of ​​the national ecological civilization test area, build an international tourism consumer center experience area and the demonstration zone of the national major strategic service area. Source: Hainan Daily Editor: Huo ◇△.