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[collagen powder and weigh loss]Original title: [Announcement] Notice on the Fifth ●-“Representative Channel” in the 13th National Peoples Congress, the “Representative Channel△•▪” concentrated interview activities March 20th 8: 05-8: 45 (before the closing meeting of the General Assembly) in the central hall of the Great Hall of the People On the side of the fifth △●○=”representative channel=-△” centralized interview activities, 9 national representatives of the National Peoples Congress received interviews (after the list), welcome Chinese and foreign journalists in the interview□•▪. The 13th National Peoples Congress■…, a meeting, the fifth ○▷=★”representative channel▷◁▼” representative list, the fifth “representative channel” representative list☆◁▷…, Li Shufu (Vice Chairman of the National Industry and Commerce, Vice President of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce, Vice President of the Zhejiang Commission•△, Zhejiang Geely Holdings Chairman of the Group, Chairman of the Volvo Car Company. Zhejiang Delegation) Xiao Wei (Chairman of Jiangsu Kangyuan Group Co▪●…., Ltd., Party Secreta○▪□.

Original title▷-□■: (Overseas-•…•, two sessions) Comprehensive news: Leading Chinas new era to help the worlds total development – the international community is hot discussion on China Election to produce a new national leader Xinhua News Agency•○▽, Beijing March 19th, China General Xinhua News Agency○■, Foreign Report: The International Society continued to pay attention to the 13th National Peoples Congress of the National Peoples Congress to produce a new national leader▷▪▷=, and believe that China will continue to contribute to Chinas economic development and global governance while achieving its own development goals-▽. The Singapore •□…”Joint Morning Post” website reported that Xi Jinping was elected in the national chairman and the Central Military Commission in the election process of the National Peoples Congress on the 17th. When the General Assembly announced the valid results, the representatives standed and reported to warm applause for a long time. According to the report of the experts, Xi Jinpings full ticket is elected to explain his in Chin◇=.

Original title: Liangshan State Target◁▪●: At the end of this year, Wuhu ensures successful creation of national 5A scenic spots recently■●◆, Sichuan Liangshan Prefecture held a Class A scenic spot creation work meeting, summarizing the creation of the whole state scenic spot, and arranges the deployment to create a target task•■▼. The meeting clearly creates the goal▪▪▽●: At the end of this year, Wuhu ensures successfully created a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot; the His Mountain started 5A creation and completed resource reviews within the year; the meeting is the site, Su Nihai seizes the provinces red tourism construction year. Opportunity, ensuring successfully created 4A scenic spots★◁■; Zhaojue Valley Clee strongently 4A scenic spots; he will be drain, and East Old Junfeng starts 4A creation work. Wuhu Status Successfully created 9 years of national 4A Scenic Spots, the popularity and reputation of Wuhu Scenic Area have been further improved▷★◆. In 2016▷=☆, the scenic spot received 890,000 tourist?

Original title: Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection□▷■: Changning City Court Former Secretary Wine Beatings Commission, Secretary (Reporter Lu) on March 7th-…, the official website of Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection is reported, recently●▼, Hengyang City Public Security The agency investigated the original secretary of the Changning City Court to deliberately retalmed the discipline supervision cadre, and he did not license to drive into the Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee and wash the Secretary of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission. In addition★◁, Hengyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Liu Feng (Director Changning City Procuratorate), Changning City Court of Judicial Judgment Chen Feng (Director Changning City Court), and Changning City Court Discipline Inspection Group Leader) People seriously violate the discipline of discipline reviews◇-◆. After the drunk, the Secretary of the Discipline Committee was disclosed•▲…, and 15 oclock on January 24▷=-, 2018-◆△, Changning Ci?

Original title=■: Embrace new era new ideas to achieve new as (under the guidance of Xi Jinpings new era☆▷▷, socialist thinking – new era new meteorological new time interview) Currently, learning and publicizing the spirit of the 19th National Spirit of the Party The whole party has further settled▽◁, and the Chongqing is how to deploy this important task in accordance with the central government, and the reporter has recently interviewed Chen Min, secretary of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee◆○◁■. Reporter: The partys 19th National Congress has made a new deployment from the strict governance of the party▪◇☆. At this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the Chongqing Delegation attended the Chongqing delegation, he emphasized the implementation of a good political ecological problem□▪. How would Chongqing will implement it? Chen Min☆▪: The 19th National Congress of the Party put forward the general requirements of the new era of the party•■◇•, in order to promote the comprehensive development of the strict treatment of the parties to the depth of the country. March 10th△◆, habi◇•.Gelatin wholesale.