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[hyperthermophile fussion proteins industry]Overseas network depth: Freuds first anniversary, the American gunshots will put a summary…•△○: the United States “Economist” The conviction of the police who will kill Freud does not seem to improve the relationship between American police and colored people. On May 25th, the American African Man George Freud was killed for the first anniversary of death. On the same day○◇▼, shooting incidents in George Freud Memorial Square, Minnesota, Minnesota. A video showed that the Associated Press reporter Philip Kalay suddenly came to a few gunshots when reported on the spot. …○”New York Times●-” reported that several US reporters were in progre△▼▪…!

Original title: The representative of the Peoples Congress★-: It is recommended to put a tax drop as a local main tax•★○, National Peoples Congress, Dai Yunlong-▼•◇. The national two sessions of the country, the general secretary, the general secretary•=-○, improve the financial management system, promote the construction of local tax system●…▼, fully implement performance management ▷-■.○△●.•=. this year★…, Guangdongs financial resources pushed many reforms. Dai Yunlong, a representative of the National Peoples Congress, and the Provincial Department of Finance●▪•, said that the Guangdong finance will seriously study the importance of the important speech at the time of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to participate in the summary of the Guangdong group, and establish a systematic thinking of the ☆=◁●”big fiscal budget” and actively play functional role. In order to provide a solid financial guarantee for the implementation of “four walks in the country”. It is currently studying the full implementation of budget performance management of Guangdong Province△▷★●, and will seriously carry out investigations and research on sound local tax systems, and actively promote province▪▽.

Original title: Remove the black society to protect umbrella, end -□◁”Dean Jumping” Tragedy If you only sweep the black, do not except “protective umbrella”, it will not be difficult to do not act, chaos, and will continue to breed more fish public. Dark vine▽■▷. ▲ The old site of Chengnan Hospital. Image Source: Xinjing Packet Ouyang Morning Rain Recently, the website of the Hebei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has notified two cases involved in black and evil corruption and ◁-•”protective umbrella”. One of them is, a black group in Langfang City, Hebei Province has long been holding rural grassroots regimes to seize illegal benefits▪△=○. Yang Guangheng, the original Chairman Yang Guangheng•-=◁, the original chairman of the Langfang City, the Sub-district, served as the ◇…▽”umbrella” of the black gang=•□. It is worth noting that the protagonist of this black gang is the partner of Zhang Yi, the Dean of the Chengnan Hospital of Lufang City, which was killed in this year, Yang Yizhon.

Original title: Russian media pay attention to Chinese white mutual visa: China in Belarus -☆”component” increased information map: This is the Zhongbai Industrial Park, which was taken in Minsk suburbs, Capital, Belarus★◇◆◇, on April 17, 2017. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Weiwei photo news network June 13th “Today Russian” TV website June 12 issue is “electric car, exemption and loan▷▼=▷: China in Belarus”, △★”how to grow” report, Belarus will set up a large assembly plant for Chinese electric vehicles. The two sides signed the relevant agreement on the eve of the Shanghai Partnership Summit. Last year●-…, the country launched a larger China traditional sedan production. In addition, during the summit, Minsk and Beijing also set up the intergovernmental agreement between mutual visa systems★□. How is Belarus become a large-scale assembly vehicle in Chinas automotive industry•◆? swanson chicken sternum collagen type ii gelatina alimentaraGelatin capsule gelatin bulk capsule size 00 capacity,