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[collagen peptides]Original title-●◁: Understanding the reform and opening up test of the new era of the new era•○, comrades pointed out in the 19th National Report of the Party, and we must deeply meet the governance test○●▽, reform and opening up test, market economy test, and the long-term and complexity of external environment test. Sex. The Communist Party of China is the leader of reform and opening up, and it is also facing many tests brought about by reform and opening up. Effective should have a test of the reform and opening up of the new era party, which aspects have to be deeply understood●…▽, and what requirements have been put forward for the long-term governance capacity construction of the party. What is the inspection of the reform and opening up direction•◇●, what is the road=●●…? If the reform and opening up can be advanced in the correct direction☆◆. Ensuring that the reform and opening up always moves along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics…•…, avoiding directionality▲▷◁●, subversion errors, is a major reform and opening up of the new e…•▲☆.

Original title: Rights rights can not be separated from the rule of law orbit: Guangming Daily commentator Recently•◆▽▲, Shenzhen Qi Shi Technology Co., Ltd. has worked rights and impact plant. With the in-depth of the public security organs, this matter is not a simple employee rights. There is an incident with overseas forces. It is an incident that the background is opaque, the appeal is not pure, and the means is not legal▷▲. From the news report, it can be seen that the incident belongs to a case that can be solved by the rule of law. However, due to the intervention of overseas forces, and some peoples provocation, the incident presents increasingly complicated faces▼◆●▽, and the relevant parties even repeatedly violated the legs, the incident continued to ferment•△▲, and the nature gradually changed, and eventually had bad impact. Some forces are hiding behind◆=▪, hiding their own small abacus, using the interests of the enterprise employ■….

Original title■•▼: During the probation period, it is still bribed. These three people have been punished▷□•: Dahuai News WeChat public number Recently○◁▪, some media reported that ○▷”Hainan An official accepting bribes•▪◁, still bribery, 5 years, 5 years, 500▷▼,000 yuan▲△” Message◁▼▼. According to the news▷…•☆, Huang Shaoxiang, a high-end inspection of the high-end inspection of the Hainan Provincial Ocean and Fisheries Monitoring Corps, who was sentenced to 1 year in prison for the crime of accepting bribes, probation for 1 year 6 months▽▷. However□◆, the penalty did not cancel Huang Shaoxiangs greed◆◆●, during the probation, Huang Shaoxiang did not reflect on this hand△○=, but it was sharply, and used the position of the position. It was illegally to handle the ship safety certificate for others, and the benefit of 180△=,000 yuan. In order to mobilize the wife, the bribery wife unit leads 20,000 yuan-◁◇•. Finally, the court sentenced Huang Shaixiang in prison for 5 years and penalized 20☆■▼■,000 yuan. Pictu▽★•.