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[difference between collagen and gelatin]Original title: Fujian has greatly raised the mass reporting of food and drug illegal acts•★△•: the highest 500,000 days, the newly revised “Fujian Food and Drug illegal Report Awards” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures◆★◆●”) released. After the revision of the “Measures△••”, the award standards have greatly improved◆…, and the masses report food and drug illegal acts◆▲, up to 500,000 yuan. The public is reported to have a food (including food additive), drug★▲, medical equipment, cosmetics illegal crimes within its regulatory duties◆▪, and the various levels of food and drug supervision and management departments shall be rewarded accordingly. It is understood that the newly revised =▽○○”Measures” clarifies the circumstances of reporting reward conditions and not belonging to the scope of rewards△●▪●, more operability. Report rewards according to the report of evidence and illegal fac.

Original title: Chinas national reform, foreign media said that the overseas network on March 17th According to the Xinhua News Agency, the 13th National Peoples Congress has passed the decision of the State Councils institutional reform program○★, approved this Program. When the National Peoples Congress is reviewed on the 13th○△, the National Peoples Congress will lead to a hot discussion. Foreign mainstream media praises the tide, comprehensive, efficient keywords, also frequently appeared in foreign media reports▲◇-. Reconstruction agencies The role of responsibilities to enhance government operation efficiency will reduce 8 ministerial levels of the State Council-=▲▷, and 7 adjusters of the deputy-level institutions□=■●, the British “Financial Times=-●▽” quoted Yang Dali★◁☆, the University of Chicago-•, said◆■, “this Large extent is a reasonable, trying to integrate the functions of various ministrie.

Minors Protection · Mandatory Report Strengthening School Education Prevention “Big Gray Wolf” Escape ▲☆■”Mom and Dad at home? Is there any topic?” During the epidemic, there is no need to use a small number of people with a heart. Recently, the Intermediate Court of Huanggang City, Hubei Province, the second instance of ▽◇”Double-sided” teachers, and maintains the judgment of the first-instance judgment: the crime of defending the child••○, the crime of rape, twelve years in prison for Li○◇○○. I have to choose privately▼•, June 3, 2020, Xia surprised saw the WeChat chat record of the 10-year-old sister Xiaoxia (a pseudonym)-□■▪, and found that the sisters mathematics, Li and his sister frequently, and use =▲”sleep beauty☆◆▲◆” Sister. Asked by X★•▼?

Zhongxin Net Foshan May 28 (Reporter Cheng Jingwei) Guangdong Foshan Municipal Government Information Office notified on May 27th, Foshan Chancheng District is in the secret screening of Moumou•◁△▷, Guangzhou asymptomatic infection. I found an example of unscrupulous infected people=●…. Subsequently◇•☆▽, the Foshan discovers 20 people with a close contact with Wang, involving 10 in the event space▽•, and 120 close contacts. 4 people involved in the foreign market have notified the relevant provincial investigation management△…. In order to do our utmost to investigate potential risks, Foshan is a nucleic acid screening of the cells, units, schools in the close contact●-□. In addition◇■△, due to the companys nucleic acid detection▲…◆, Nanhai District, Foshan City has been carried out from May▪◆?About Us.