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Pure collagen![deep sea fish collagen peptide]Source-◇: Changan Street, the original title: Shen Haixiong is served as the latest news of the deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department▲▷△◆, Chang Shenxiong▼▷☆-, Chang Shenxiong, and the deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department▼☆. On the evening of the 27th, CCTV report☆▽: On March 22…=□■, the Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department and the deputy editor-of-chief of the Peoples Daily Department of the Central Radio and Television, and Wang Yizhen, the vice director of the Peoples Daily, and the Peoples Network Chairman Wang Yi. At the beginning of February this year, Shenhai Xiong was unloaded to the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee◆▼▪, the Minister of Propaganda, and arrived in Beijing, and served as the 12th Temple of CCTV▼◁, and quickly served as deputy director of the State Press and Publication Radio, Fa. At that time, the BNC team was “a member of the five-party members”□-, a total of 8 leaders: Deputy Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Director of the Radio, Television Administration, Party Secretary, Director of the State Copyright Bureau, Nie Che.

Source: Changan Street ICPThered title: National Political Consultative Conference, why did Wang Guos songs? Lantern Festival○▷, 4○▪•:30 pm, the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference held a press conference held in the Great Hall of the People. The spokesperson Wang Guoqing introduced the agenda arrangement of this NPCPC and answered questions on the spot▼…•◆. Image Source★★◁▽: Xinhuanet Changan Street ICPT (WeChat ID: CapitalNews) noted that this is the third year of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Association for the third year. Wang Guoqing was born in Jiangsu Wuxi in October 1952△••. Familiar with his small partners know that Wang Guoqing is a -☆-●”old journalist□◁▷”◇-, who has worked for many years in the news media□●, and served as editorial, deputy director of the Chinese Radio International Broadcasting Department, Sending the Chief Reporter, Tempcher, the Assistant▲◇☆, the Assistant, the Assistant, the Assistant, the Assistant, the Assistant•□★, the Assistant of the Secretist□○, and the Secretary for the Secretist, the Secretist□△◆△, the Assistant, the Assistant, the Assistant, the Assistant of the Secretary. Allocra•◇.

Original title☆★: [Exploration] This city is super cool, go out to take a mobile phone, all over the place is “black technology”! Mobile payment, e-commerce☆…=, smart community. Today▲☆, digital has penetrated all aspects of peoples lives. At the First Digital China Construction Summit, many Internet companies also said that big data★…, cloud computing●△▷, etc☆◆•. will be more intelligent from peoples clothing and food and housing◇•=. What experience is living in smart cities□◁=•? CCTV Financial reporters deliberately experienced a ▪▷•”digital life” of ordinary people in Fuzhou▽☆▪☆. Reporter experience▼△▪: In this city-▪-●, you only need to bring your mobile phone animal glue manufacturing process empty gelatin capsule 0 ballistics gel recipe collagen peptides vs gelatin! The “self-service platform” CCTV Finance reporter came to the community office hall of Fuzhou▪◆-=, where there is a digital device. Previously necessa.