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[industrial igf protein]Original title◇•◆: Science and Technology Daily••…: Emerging industries emerge, some university related disciplines have serious lags 6 million, 7 million, 8 million! On the one hand, the number of college graduates climbed; on the other hand, the outstanding enterprise of emerging industries wanted not to be appropriate. The contradiction between the supply and demand of excellent talents is increasingly prominent. National strategic emerging industries have technical systems in their respective fields■▽. How to find nodes and fulcrums in these technical systems•★▽○, with their own advantages, there are new talents who have a large number of new knowledge structure and innovation capabilities…◆, in order to realize the corner overtaking in the fierce international competition in the future. However, reality is very bone▼•. Many universities not only have targeted textbooks, but also staying a few years ago, even earlier☆★. New knowledge, new technology…•-, n.

Original title: The latest! Adjust the standard standard standard for social security payment, your treatment will change! The Tianjin Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau issued a notice■○▼★, from April 1, adjustment of the social security payment base standard. Workers (ID●▪★: Grrbwx) Discovery★◁, there have been more adjustment of social security payment. As a result, the treatment of employees will also be affected and together. Adjust the standard Tianjin: From April 1st, Tianjin 2018 employer and employee pay the minimum standard of urban workers basic pension◁△•, urban workers basic medical, unemployment, work injury and birth insurance base•■◇, from last years 3159 Yuan raised to 3●••…,364 yuan, the highest standard was raised from 15795 yuan last year to 16821 yuan. In addition, individual industrial and commercial households and flexible employees p◇▪▲.

Original title□▽: Tianjin Deputy Retirement 5 years later to depart the source: Changan Street▲◁, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection…□•▷, then push the tiger small climax – last Tuesday, the former vice president of the Hebei Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Zi Wenli put the case; this Tuesday, Tianjin Chen Weifeng□☆★, the former Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, was left to the party for two years and determined its retirement according to the deputy department level••▽●. Changan Street ICAP (WeChat ID◇◆=★: Capitalnews) noted that this senior official who had retired for 5 years has been awarded in the 1980s•△◆■, gaining honors such as the first national “young entrepreneur”. Including Chen Weifeng, Tianjin has had 5 depth levels of cadres in recent years, of which is 3 people□◇▼. Chen Wefeng Chen Qi Feng was born in March 1950, once a long time to work in engineering, urban construction◁★=, planning system, January 2003, he promoted to the deputy mayor of Tianji.

Peoples Forum Network Review Strong “Four Force” Promotion of “Four History” publicity and education, I have been in recent days•●▼▲, the Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the “Masters history, new China history▽•▪◁, reform and opening history, socialist development” propaganda The notice of education is deployed for “four history” publicity and education for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. Emphasis on “Promoting the Party History Learning Education Introductive to the masses■…, in-depth grassroots, deep into the hearts”▪•▷▼. This “three in-depth” provide an important follow-up to deepen the study of party history▼☆, and organize “four history” publicity and education, which also specifies the direction of work and target tasks★●●□, and puts forward higher requirements for party committees and party members capacity in all levels. Strong ◁◆▽”foot.

Original title-…: precious gelatine halal food grade! Zhou Enlais 1000 moments in his life collagen powder gold standard bovine collagen peptides powder by wellgard! Reminiscent of remembering collagen peptides from bovine! He is young……=◇, and he has a study for the rise of China, and he has a revolution for the Tomorrow of China. In order to let the world know China and run away him, he can have todays death, it is our beloved, Zhou Enlai Prime Minister. Zhou Enlai (March 5, 1976 – January 8, 1976)•▼, great Marxist, great proletarian revolutionist, political home, military home, diplomatic home, party and national leaders, China Peoples Liberation Army Mainly founded one of the people○-, the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, is an important member of the first generation of central leadership collective with Comrade Mao Zedong as the core…•. “Peoples Prime Minister love people…◆△=, peoples tot◆▼=▽ porcine gelatin manufacturer!Pure collagen,