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[fish collagen peptide granule]Original title◇◆★◁: China passengers who took the Nepalese passenger plane confirmed the victims◆★△-, and the three Heavy Industry Regional Manager took a passenger plane in Kathmandu in Nepal on March 12. Xinhua News Agency Map March 12, a passenger plane containing 71 people fell out of the runway and triggered a fire, and the Nepalese police confirmed that at least 49 people were confirmed▷•▽. Among the list of passengers□○•★, there is a three heavy workers Zhang Ming■■◁□. Before the incident, they have confirmed the boarding (see -•”Xiaoxiang Morning News○•▼◆” on March 13th.)□●. According to the press release issued in the evening of the 12th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Bangladesh, 22 people were rescued■▲□●, but there were no names of Zhang Ming□◁●△. On the afternoon of March 13-=, the reporter learned from Sany Heavy Industry that Zhang Ming was unfortunately killed▷△□▲. Zhang Mings colleague Liu Zhong sent a post in a friend circ.

Original title: Pension insurance payment for 15 years without paying it? Does the medical insurance pay in March? Authoritative statement is. Source: Guangzhou peoples unemployment can directly receive unemployed pension insurance for 15 years■…○○, no need to pay again =□▪… All these are true or false? Today, come to everyone an authority! Social Security Card Li Jinlei cares for the elderly insurance payment for 15 years without going to pay□▽▼★? Authoritative statement: Pension insurance is a kind of five insurance◆▷◇▼. It is a national provision that enterprises and employees pay together according to different proportions▷○. Among them…◆△▼, the accumulated payment of the pension insurance is only a basic condition for employees to apply for retirement when employees reach the national legal retirement age▼▲○. It does not mean that the payment is over 15 years. According to Article 10 of the Social Insurance Law◇★…: -◁”Worke.

Original title△▽☆▽: Sino-Russia discusss the integration of Beidou and Glorians Navigation Russia Media•–: Improve Service Quality Reference Message Network April 3 Report Russian Free Media Website March 31 An article published on March 31 The title is “Sino-Russian△△-, Russian◆▷▪,” The article said on March 30, China uses the Long March No□▽◆. 3, which has successfully launched two satellites of the North Handan Navigation▽•○, which belongs to the central earth orbit satellite•▪▪▽. It is part of the satellite navigation system built in China. Before 2018▽■, the number of satellites will reach 18, by 2020, Beijing will complete the launch of 30 network satellites, when the Beidou System will complete the transformation from regional services to global coverage■-. The article said that the global navigation system currently in actual operation has only the US G jello pork product collagen nitta gelatin Gelatin capsule collagen skin whitening face cream, gelatine water ratio!