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[collagen sleeping]Zhongxin Net Yinchuan May 27 (Reporter Li Peishan) Reporter learned from Ningxia Yinchuan City Education Bureau on the 27th that in order to regulate the school training institutions and toll act, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students, Yinchuan Financial Work Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, The Market Supervision Bureau and the Education Bureau jointly issued the “Yinchuan City School Training Institution Fund Supervision Measures (Provisional)◇○” (hereinafter referred to as ▽•□▷”Measures▽■○•”). For the participants, the amount payable to the training institution once a one-time dispose of the training service contract, Yinchuan will fully implement the prepaid fund supervision of the school training institution◇▼▽▪. The “Measures△○” said that after the trainer•■■△, after signing the training agreement with the training institution, press the ▷•◇”One Class▼-•” mode, the studen□○▼.

Original title: [heavy pound] From the central bank to the Ministry of Public Security, multi-sector shot! The married unmarried people have notified that the National Development and Reform Commission, the Peoples Bank of China, etc•●●., jointly issued a notice□△▽, and jointly disciplinary responsibility subjects in marriage registration▷☆▲, the marriage registration is serious, the parties will face 14 joint disciplinary measures. The use of false materials in marriage registration=•, making false statements or deliberately concealing information★…, serious damage to the legal rights of the other party will be included in the civil affairs department in a list of serious lost letters. The discrimination party will be restricted to the national public officials, restrictions to register as the legal person, restrictions on the state-owned enterprise executives••…-, have served as relevant positions, proposing the opinions of relevant positions-△-, while restricting their participation in related industries First, evaluate. Previously, there was a market for marriage in Guizhou★▪☆◇, Hubei and other province.

[Zhou Xiaochuan: Digital currency should serve the entity economy] Zhou Xiaochuan said that digital monetary development has technical inevitability★▪-. In the future, it may be paid=△□, and the coins will be less and less•▽, and there is no existence. While considering new technologies, it must be clear in the direction of service▲□. We dont like to create a speculative product, which makes people have a fantasy of a night■•, and if you want to serve the entity economy. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor◇…★•: Chu Xiaoh.

China News△○, Paris, May 28th☆◇: ​​Paris Commune Social Walls before the Wall=●▼▽: Reminiscence 150 years ago, the new commune◆…, the reporter Li Yang…○▪, 150 years ago, May 21st to 28th, the Paris Commune Warrior is defending the Commune The one-week fierce battle with the Versailles army□△, called “May bleeding week”. After 72 days, the commune came to the tragic end. The picture shows the local time on May 27th★■…○, the “International Song” by the La Saze Cemetery Ou Ren Bao Di Tomb. China News Agency reporter Li Yang took a place where the Warrior soldiers in the eastern Paris is not in the final struggle▪●△=. May 27•○•, 1871, these publ.

Original title: New face 32 Municipal Party Secretary +257 Mayor May 5th, the 13th National Peoples Congress will open in Beijing. According to the list of 2980 famous representatives, “WeChat ID•••: XJBZSE), in 31 provinces and cities, a total of 289 municipalities and municipal party committees, the mayor is a new representative, the first time to represent the National Peoples Congress Identity-★▽▽, walk into the peoples conference venue. Middle: 232 municipal party committees (district committee☆◆△▲, state committee) secretary, may have 257 mayor (district minister, governor, all the counties, regional department); 289 people by “50”, ○▷”60●△” and △▽●…” 70 “configuration. Among them, ○□◁●”60” is mostly△●◇, 249 people; “70” has 38 people, of which the youngest is the lake born in August 19◇□▼? liquid organic collagen bovine hide collagen peptides whole30Pectin manufacturer low dose chicken native type ii collagen inflammatory infiltrate gelatin bloom 240,