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[hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptide]China New Network May 28 (Reporter Chen Jing) Bronchial pleural fistula is a very dangerous lungs complications, once serious infections, will endanger life and high mortality•★=◇. The reporter learned from the Ninth Peoples Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, the hospital successfully treated complex bronchial pleural fistula patients, and the intensity of “broncho pleural fistula▪▪△”, the doctors trifted and suture with exquisite surgery technology, end The patient with ▷●▼”tube◆○■” life is painful▪=•…. Wang Mingsong, Director of the Thoracic Surgery of Shanghai Nine Hospital, said that the reporter said that the surgical difficulty of broncho pleural fistula is high and risky, and it is undoubtedly a challenge for the thoracic surgeon. It is understood that in December last year◆★●, a ga.

Original title: The governor looked at this “famous car” and also picks up the thumb of the thumb: Changan Street☆▽●, I have written the article Li Duo recently△•▽, a “powerful○▼●…, my country” brushed the whole countrys cinema line and everyones circle. The reason why the little friends is quite high, because the film will have the development and achievement of China since the 18th National Congress■○…▽, and the Chinese characteristic socialism proposed by General Secretary of the 19th National Report□□○, China Characteristic Socialism has entered the new era☆■, this major discussion■-□, The first time in the form of documentary is presented on a big silver▪…△. When the film tells the innovation leads……△, a transparent and closed tunnel appears on the screen☆▼. There is a car in the picture that is moving along the track below the tunnel. Changan Street ICAC (WeChat ID=△◇☆: Capitalnews) gives everyone science, this is the southwe.

Original title: China built a power station in Pakistan to meet the needs, but also confident in “all the way△■☆◆”? Liberation Daily · View Journalist Zhu Yizhen Wang Hai Yan Chen Hesi Wang Yi said when answering Kazakhstan reporter about a round of all the way…▼, one is the sunshine initiative proposed by China, and the sharing of co ahead is a passage of all the way○☆▪. This principle determines this principle○☆. A part of cooperation has a distinctive equality-▪■, openness, and universal. Planning◆△■, participation is carried out by participating in business•●▷, everything is in the sun◆◆, no one is a big, but all parties involved, no black box operation-…, but insisted on public transparency, no family■△, but seek mutual benefit and win-win. Wang Yi said that in May last year, more than 140 countries attended a collaborative summit forum◆□, which is the international communit•○! black gelatin capsules bovine collagen peptidesGelatin wholesale.

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