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[human gelatin]China Xinwang, May 26 (Reporter Zhang Yuan) reporter learned from the Xixian New District, Ji Xi New City, learned that the wisdom reading of the Government Service Center of the West New Town officially opened, marking the first “urban study▷-=” officially used in the new city Nearly thousands of exquisite books, new wisdom reading experience■▲•, let it become a new city to read punch. “City Study” is located in 2 floors of the Government Service Center, No. 5 Economic Gardeue, the Headquarters Economic Garden•◇, Xincheng-★, covers an area of ​​about 100 square meters. It is divided into paper book reading area, 24-hour wisdom borrowing area, digital audio-visual reading area, online reading experience There are 4 major functional districts in the district•=, with nearly 1▲•,000 books, literature••, history▷△★☆, economy and other books, equipped with intelligent borrowers, electronic viewe.

Science and Technology Daily, March 13 (Reporter Fu Yifei) National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference It is accepting the inspection of the China Food and Drug Administration and Shandong Testing Center▲…▽, which is expected to enter the clinical trial stage during the □…”13th Five-Year Plan” period. Heart failure is called “the last battlefield of heart disease◁●”, and the five-year mortality rate of this disease is as high as 50%. According to statistics▼-, the domestic heart failure rate is approximately 1% of the total population, and the patient is more than 10 million. For patients with end-stage heart failure, when the natural heart donor is extremely limited, the transplant manual auxiliary heart becomes the most effective treatment. In some developed countries, this treatment program has been included in medical insurance•▽▽•. The reporter learned that manual assistan▪☆▽.

Source: Legal Evening Repair Original Title: National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Yang Zhenhe=•▼: Tai Chi cant be actually a big mistake, the first newspaper, the news (the reporter Wen Rujun) “Yang Tao Taiji Fifth Generation”◇◁=◁, “Tai Chi Voluntary Champion” ▲◁•..…■. Yang Zhenhe The martial arts world is not small◇=. During the national “two sessions”, the National Committee of the CPPCC, the national intangible cultural heritage Yangs Taiji Boxing, Yongnian Yang Zhenhe Taiji National Exclusion☆●◆□, the Yang Zhenhe, the Yang Zhenhe, an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers■△●, view journalists★•◁. He said that Tai Chi cant be a “big mistake▼▼•▪”●▼□◁. When the Yang Zhenhe team discussed, the reporter was in the military dialogue Yang Zhenhe talking about “inheritance” requires supermans energy and reporter: In recent years, there are some controversy about Tai Chi☆★, how do you see? Yang Zhenhe: The development of Taijiquan .

Original title•◁: Taihai Li Tengguan and make a hay△…▪■! I have wanted to take the whole worlds health for Abe, I will change the face. Li Teng◆◇▪, who is 96 years old this year, is still happy to have a ▲■▪”Japanese motherland” effectiveness. He can let him be ignorant on the Japanese nuclear disaster food. ▲ Ke Wenzhe Faihui Li Tenghui. (Taiwan Mid-time Electronic News) Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe is a support for votes●…, and the 9th will pay for Li Tenghui. According to Taiwans middle electronic newspaper report, Li Dongfang encouraged Ke “more on the staple floor”, and couldnt help but batch Cai Yingwen. No act, dissatisfaction with Cais polish. During the talks, Li Li was unable to carry out the operation of Japanese agricultural products, saying that he suggested a lot of thing.

Original title: This position, Xiongan New District recruits 650 people (also give housing subsidies) Recently▽•☆, Hebei Xiong County released an announcement of 650 Chinese primary schools (kindergartens) teachers. This is a large-scale recruitment activity in the area of ​​Xiongan New Area. The Xiong County Education Bureau announced that this concentrated recruitment is to supplement the lance of primary and secondary schools (kindergartens), optimize the structure of teachers, improve the overall quality of teachers▲…, and comprehensively improve the quality of education, according to “Xiong County” millennium, education first “Three-year improvement plan (2018-2020)” is required. Primary and secondary school teachers recruited 580△■●-, 3 years must not flow into 650 teachers in Xiong County. One of ordinary high schools, 30 vocational education centers, 350 junior high schoo. hard shell capsule animal glue gelatin powder Pectin manufacturer liquid organic collagen bronson vitamins type ii chicken collagen,