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Pectin manufacturer bovine collagen peptides source la supergrappe des industries des protéines du canada,[animal protein producers industry appi]Original title: Maotai Group Search Corporation Party Secretary, Chairman Source: WeChat Board “Motion Guizhou” Maotai Group Jiji Company official network diagram According to Maotai Group, the official website of Moutai Group, the party secretary, and the chairman recently occurred change○▲□. The party committee★★, deputy general manager of Maotai Group, the party secretary of the party committee■•▽•, and chairman of the Directors, and Chairman of the Board of Directors…□○◆, no longer serve as the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Xiji Company-☆▷○; the general manager of the original Maotai Group, the general manager of the learning company Dan ●★■”take a rod★●” Zhang Dhen▲○●, became a new party secretary and chairman of the Xiji Company…▷◆. According to the official website of the Jijie Company, the general manager is currently temporarily vacancap. According to the public number of “Beauty Vision”, the general manager of Xiji Company is appointed by the Maotai Group▽-▼, the general manager of Guizhou Maotai Co.□▲…■, Lt.

China News Agency□▽, May 28 (Reporter Liu Ying) The data released by the China Finance No. 28 shows that from January to April 2021, the national national and state-owned holding enterprises (hereinafter referred to as state-owned enterprises) main benefits continue to be higher Increased growth, and the state-owned economic operation showed steady recovery. Without state-owned first-class financial enterprises▷•■, January-April◁●◁, state-owned enterprises operating total revenue (RMB◆▼, the same) increased by 32▷●★•.2% year-on-year◁▽○, an average increase of 8▽●.4% in two years (in 2019 Geometric average method calculation). Among them, the central government is 126.7 billion yuan▷•, a year-on-year increase of 27.6%, two years fl▽◆.

Original title: The State Councils decision to revise the “National Economic Census Regulations” The State Council of State Countries Order No. 702 “The State Councils decision on the revision of the National Economic Census Regulations◆□” has passed the 15th executive meeting of the State Council on July 4, 2018. It is now announced, and it will be implemented since the date of publication. Prime Minister Li Keqiang August 11▷□◇, 2018, the State Councils decision on the revision of the National Economic Census Regulations decided to revise the “National Economic Census Regulations☆■◇-” as follows: First, Article 10 is revised to▪◆☆: ●◁▽”The industry scope of the economic census is second Industry…▼□, the industry covered by the industry, the specific industry classification is implemented in accordance with the ◇•-“National Economic Industry Classification” announced in the form of national standards. “Second=▽•▪, wi.