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[bovine hide collagen peptides vs bone broth]Original title: The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference recommends that the judge is a special occupational safety guarantee and set up a rights protection agency Guo Shihui as a new member to participate in politics. I am from my own field, and more attention is the topic of the rule of law. …■”March 8 ▲○▲, The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference▷★, the Deputy Director of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Dai Hongbing, said in an interview with a reporter. Dai Hong soldiers told reporters that in recent years, the extreme events that have repeatedly violated the personal safety of judges in judicial practice, which reflects the defects of the system construction and practice of the personal safety protection of judges and their families, and urgently needs to be reformed and improved▲○-◇. To this end◆□●, Dai Hongbing proposed: Develop the Court Safety Protection Law, set up the sin of the court▲•☆, protect the safety of the judges personal information, and increase the punishment of the judges occupational safety behavior△▼=, impleme!

Original title: Juran Master▷▼: I always advocate that the business exits the temple door modern society has accumulated considerable results and experience in the material field△•□•, but in terms of richness and improvement in spiritual fields, it is more weak, lag and passive. On March 7▲★•◆, 2018, the North China Hotel and the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference. The Beijing News reporter Taoji△▲■▲, in November last year, 12 departments issued a “number of opinions on further governance of Buddhism◇=”, which mentioned that commercial capital involved in Buddhism Taoism▲◇=△, any organization or individual may not invest or contractively operate Buddhism Activity venue. At the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the President of the Chinese Buddhist Association, the Master of the Chinese Buddhist Association▽◇, the correct treatment of “commercialization” is correct▪◆▼▽, and it is related to the future and foundation of Buddhist development. Although it does not exclude legal compliance operatio.

[Xinhua His Rating: It is =…••”God Drinking◆◁▽■” or God blowing for false advertisements? “Hongmao Medicine▲▽△” incident touched the social pain of false advertising. “Baozhi•-□” advertisement and how many people have been fooled★◇○? For false advertising, you cant do it, you must rectify. The tube is to take to no dead angle◆•●, and the penalty will be punished……◇. There is no hard trick, “Eating and rest assured” is an empty talk○●-•. Incidents, Hongmao wine case defense lawyer◁=: Zhengqi to pay the safety department to respond to Hongmao medicine wine case: I have been responsible for the investigation of Inner Mongolia Public Security to launch a verification doctor, said Hongmao wine is a poison to arrest Inner Mongolia prosecution to respond to Chinese physician. The association is quite vomiting Huangmao doctor◁▪□: science discussion carefully using Criminal Law Hongmao medicine wine broke the news: Hongmao someo=▲▷. fish gelatin marshmallows proteine per industria alimentareContacts gelatin made from bones pork gelatin manufacturer!