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[edible gelatin factory]Original title: Application of Internet means▼=◆…, the whole process of supervision of childrens hillow province Education Department: deploy according to the report, let parents can rest assured that Li Su Yan represents Ge Daokai, representative Jiang Yuxia▼■▼◁, “Middle School Health Dumps”, “Eliminating Excellence” … Reporter Note When the parents are concerned with the education hotspot words frequently appear in the Prime Minister-△▽…. The safety of young children also made the prime minister●▪▼, and the report was first proposed for the first time, and the use of the Internet and other information methods were put forward. Strengthening the whole process of child education○•▼, must let the parents are relieved…◇•. …◆■☆”After the report, the Yangtze Evening News reporter first Time interviewed the representative of the National Peoples Congress, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education○□△, the Party Secretary, and the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee▲▼=•, Ge Dakai▼★☆☆. General Ge Daokai said that Li Keqiangs prime minister reported an overall deployment of education in the new er.

[Police News] On July 20, 2018, 110 received alarm said that Many of the Qi Shi Technology Company were gathered at the companys entrance, affecting the factory vehicle personnel due to violation of the companys rules and regulations. After the police report▼=, the police quickly rushed to the scene, safeguarding the order, and volunteered to express the appeal according to law◁●○○, but Yu Mouxin•▽, Liu Mouhua, Michous five involved personnel refused to cooperate, disturb the factory work order, police according to law For the 5 people forced summoning education★△▽▪. During the time of July 27th, Yu Moux, Liu Mouhua, Moumous equal number of people climbed to the companys entrance, enclose the companys door☆■•, and illegally entered the factory to make trouble○◇◆▽, seriously disrupt public order, its behavior The police brought the above staff back to the public security organ in investigation. In the process of disposal, the police always keep restraints, regulatio…●◆•.

[Review Line] “Number”, “Number◇▪•”, and the village revitalization “Accelerates” in the Houling Group, the 55-year-old villager Li Haizhen turned button, an approximately 40 pounds of plant protection drones, Start spraying agent. Six or seven mu of corn, labor spray at least 1 day▷▪, only 3 minutes of drone sprinkling drugs, both convenient and labor-saving◆=△, greatly improved efficiency, and also avoiding health risks. Similar to such a smart agricultural application scenario is increasingly common, with ▼△◁□”new farm”, “new farm activities”◁▼●, busy ☆▪”new farmers”, data into •▽○”new agricultural resources”, farmhouse □▪”new store home”=•●, farmer into a new farmer “”=●▽, Relying on the innovation concept leads and innovative technology engine, the country is revitalizing ◇●●”Cloud” with “number?

Henan Pingdingshan: Implementing Ecological Repair and also a green water Qingshan Xinhuanet Zhengzhou May 27th (Wang Haixia Yongmeng Rui) “Egret Qingsiao△▽•, Honglian Bishui Lake■▷◁•.” In late May, Pingdingshan Bailuzhou National City Wetland Park The lotus blossoms open, the lake in the sun sparks◆■. However▲★△, before 2005, here is the collapse of coal, sewage flow, garbage everywhere. Today, under the local governments ecological governance◆-□, here turns into Feng Shui Bao, lake clear show=◁, birds and flowers. It is understood that the Bailu National City Wetland Park was built in 2005, located in the joint department of the new old city in Pingdingshan City, covering an area of ​​more than 1300 acres☆-, with 350 acres of water★•, w○◇! industrial protein for bacterial culture protein sources for the animal feed industry pdfGelatin capsule.

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