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Contacts![collagen or gelatin]Original title: Yunnan rural marriage diet▽•●▼, the gambights do not exceed 6 Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection, the supervisory committee issued a notice△☆▽▪, the “calibration of the rural wedding and funeral☆•●○”, each table is not over 12, the cost is 200 yuan Yunnan Province The discipline committee, the supervisory committee issued documents, and made a nine provisions of the dishes, the number…▷▽, price, and punishment measures for rural wedding and funeral banquets. The network screenshot Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, the Supervision Committee issued documents■☆◆▲, and made a nine aspects of the dishes◇☆▷▪, the number, price, and punishment measures for rural wedding and funeral banquets○◁◇▷. Online screenshots Recently, the Yunnan Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission issued the “Notice on Standardizing Rural Operational Marriage and Four” (hereinafter referred to as ▷★”Notice•★▷”), clarifying the marriage of the rural areas of Yunnan, and operates in direct relatives Outside the funeral◇…○△, it will not be handled. “throu◆◁.

Original title: The General Office of the State Council on the comprehensive strengthening of the guidance of the construction of rural small-scale schools and township boarding schools [2018] No■…▼★. 27, all provinces▼□, autonomous regions•…, municipalities directly under the Central Government, the State Council▪▪, all direct institutions: rural small-scale school (Refers to the village primary and teaching points of less than 100 people) and township boarding schools (hereinafter collective two types of schools) are an important part of rural compulsory education•☆★. Do a good job in two types of schools▲★□☆, is an important task of implementing science and education, accelerating the modernization of education modernization. It is the basic requirement for the implementation of rural resolution, promoting the equalization of the basic public services of urban and rural areas. It is a powerful measures to win the education and depletion of poverty. In recent years•◆■, the state has adopted a series of major policy measures▲…□, continuously strengthening rural compulsory education…▽•□, two types of schoo.

Since the winter in 2017△◆☆●, Chinas influenza activity has risen rapidly, and many hospital emergency clinics and hospitalized patients have increased▽…■. Since January this year◆○■, Chinas epidemic in China has declined★□, and it has dropped to a lower level. For a rumor, a new wave of influenza will appear in March this year☆=□. At the 199 Ministry of Political Consultative Association, the person in charge of the Chinese CDC has expressed the reporter, according to the monitoring, this wave flu has been reported▲■. And the influenza virus did not have a variation. However, according to the law of annual flu errors•☆, the influenza epidemic in September is expected to have small peaks, but the popularity will not be higher than last year, and it is impossible to develop into an epidemic…•★◆. According to reports, this year, my countrys overall influenza level is significantly higher than that in previous years•△, and it has flowed since 200…● jelly collagen!

Original title: Global super-cost 500 China has 206 US media-▪: Construction speed far super US reference news network June 27 Report US media said■○▲, the United States now has the worlds fastest supercomputer. However◁▽, the newly released global supercomputer 500 list spares the speed of Chinas construction supercomputer far more than the US☆▲☆. According to the US ◁-□”New York Times□◆” on June 26★▼, the list released on the 25th showed that the supercomputer manufactured by China accounted for 206 in the 500 list, and gradually became the highest production supercomputer manufacturer. 124 in the supercomputer is designed and manufactured by the US. According to reports, the United States has been dominated by the supercomputer market. But two years ago, China Chasing the United States in the 500 list▲■○. China continued to advance in autumn in the fall•▲■, expanded in the latest li•▼○.

Original title: “Yan Secretary” just left, “Director Wang” is coming .▼▷★▽.. I have already reported 17 real estate by the daughter-in-law knox gelatin drug test pectin candy purification of recombinant protein for industrial use! This weeks anti-corruption news, there is no provincial ▪◆-▲”Tiger”, and the publics attention is unusually concentrated. Starting from a smart micro-signal group, many media and melon people have started a “carnival” of Holmes detective style. On Friday afternoon, the drama of “Yan Secretary Daughter” event finally killed. On the afternoon of May 18, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission issued news▷●, according to the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission: Yan Chunfeng, deputy secretary of Guangan Municipal Party Committee-▽◁, is suspected of serious violations, and is currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring. Objectively-•=, it is necessary to intervene in the Sichuan Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission▽△, not▷▽, unable to follow public concerns▲▲◁. However, some people say that in “Yan Secretary Daught=●★◆.