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[fish collagen peptide powder benefits]Original title: Industrial and commercial, quality inspection, food and drug supervision •■”more” experts: conducive to reducing coordination costs to improve the supervision efficiency Policity New Beijing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) Today (March 13), the 13th National Peoples Congress A meeting held the fourth plenary meeting, listening to the statement of the State Council Wang Yongs instructions on the State Council Reform Plan○●☆▼. According to the program, the General Administration of Market Supervision Administration will not retain the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the State Food and Drug Administration. Wang Yong mentioned that the reform market supervision system, implemented a unified market supervision, is a key link to establish a unified open competition in an orderly-order modern market system. According to the plan, the responsibilities of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quaranti.

Original title: Tiangong No◁☆○. 1 target aircraft will re-enter the atmosphere burning Central Guangwang Beijing on April 1st▪▲○, according to China Voice ◁■”News” report☆■, Tiangong No.1 is launched on September 29, 2011▲■, and has been with Shenzhou 8 No. 9, No. 10 spacecraft, 6 consecutive bonuses, completed various tasks, made significant contributions to Chinas manned spaceflight development. On March 16, 2016★★, Tiangong No. 1 target aircraft officially terminated data services-▲…, fully completed historical mission◆△★•, and entered the track attenuation period. For example, Todays Palace No. 1 has been flying in space for about 6 and a half◇☆◁, so that you will say goodbye to people. Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center and professional institutions have previously analyzed that Tiangong No☆▪▲-.1 is expected to enter the atmosphere between March 31 to April 4△▽-. Chinas manned space official website has begun from March ★•◇▪?

Original title▷=▽: The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will give two types of companies to loosen more independent authorization ☆◇○★”in research” economic observation reporter Wang Yaxie in 2018, the State-owned Assets Supervision Committee will put a part of the staff to state capital investment, operation company (two types of companies) This may include group investment planning◁▲, total payment system, etc. For central enterprises that have taken the lead in the reform of the two types of companies▪◇○◇, they are different in the process of exploring the reform of the authorized business system. “We are planning to start this research, detailed ideas have not come yet,” On March 15th, a state-owned capital investment company pilot enterprises said that there is no clear timetable now▪□◆•, and it can be decentralized What rights are also unknown. Unlike the above, it is the fir◁◆▽■.