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Pectin manufacturer protein engineering in food industry type 1 and 3 bovine collagen peptides,[industrial whey protein isolate]China Communications, Nanning, May 26 (Huang Yizhen) China (Guangxi) – Austria (Burgenland) Economic and Trade Cooperation Fair Online online…○◆◆, aims to deepen mechanical manufacturing, new materials, LED lighting, manufacturing, software development ◁◁▷■, Electronic information, agricultural products, all overgrowrs, etc. are pragmatic. This year is the 50th anniversary of China and Austria, this negotiation is hosted by the Guangxi Trade Promotion•☆○, Guangxi Board□★●▪, and the Austrian Commercial Association. Guangxi has been closely related to Austria in recent years, and local economic and trade delegates visited Austria in 2019, and I signed a group of cooperation agreements with Austrian enterprises. Li Changguan, the President of the Guangxi Trade Conceration▷•, introduced the next venue in Nanning☆▼•★, in China, is located in South China, Southwe…◇.

Original title: Dialogue Li Yi ●◆◁”Emperor▼▪”: Fortunately, the network is not developed, otherwise I will take Li Yi and take the Internet drama ▷▽◆☆”Li Yi Di”. Li Yi is much higher than I think▷…. In the form, he walks with a common player, but also has a point of his own characteristics, but it feels that it does not bring the players unique “indifferent gas field” – but smiling to you, the kind of close, he Scratch the head☆•▽, say sorry, there is still a match before the next game, it may not be very long◁=…◆. The so-called meeting, in fact●•◇, Suning held a double eleven elder contest, Li Yi, Li Wei, a commercial game that Li Yifeng recovered together•●, and the national Millennium team kicked in Nanjing◆=▲. Li Yi said••○☆: “In fact, it is very happy, it is quite rare opportunity, some people can see it, many peop-☆-.

Original title: As soon as the PP Food and Drug Administration should announce the results of the long-lived vaccine investigation, on Saturday, July 21, a ▲▼◆”King of Vaccine” quickly spread△■, and became one of the most popular articles. The reason why this article has such a big concern is because of the announcement of the “Changsheng Biological Violation and Violation of Rabies-△○•” issued by the National Food and Drug Administration on July 15. The announcement of the State Food and Drug Administration said that the companys freeze-dried people have serious violations of the ◆▷◇”Pharmaceutical production quality management▪-” behavior in the production of rabies vaccine production, but in some media reports, the conclusion of manufacturing fake drugs directly This caused some concerns of some people who have passed the rabies vaccine▷△▼, but also caused the people to doubt in the quality and safety of domestic vaccines. The article of ☆▼-◇”King of Vaccine” took out Ka△●■?

According to the National Monitoring website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, recently▪▼, the Central Committee of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection was reviewed for the serious violation of the original party group and deputy governor of the Shaanxi Provincial Government. According to the relevant provisions of the “Chinese Communist Party Regulations▪◆” and other relevant provisions, the Central Commission for Disciplined Party Regulations shall be approved by the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and report to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China◆▲▼◇, and decided to give Feng Xingzhu to remove the partys disposal▼△; the National Supervision Committee is given to public office; Its disciplinary income; transferring its suspected crime, clues●-, and related objects involved in national organs according to law…•-. It is concerned that in the notification, in addition to the general violation of political discipline and political rules, work discipline●▪◇▲, no “four awareness”▽☆●, violation of organizational discipline, violation of organizational discipline, violating organization discipli.