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[pig gelatin high bloom]Original title•▽: Foreign media said that China pays attention to childrens learning disabilities. Special education has been “on the road•◁=” November 9, 2017, students in Changde City, Hunan Province▽□◆▼. Students are in class. Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Jinhai photo news news network March 27 reported American media said that Chinas universities are increasingly focusing on childrens development and special education needs, especially at the defects of multi-purpose disorder (ADHD) and Reading and writing difficulties. According to the US ○■△”IMP Pour◆□▷” website, the report released by the Psychological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that more than 10 million primary school students have been difficult to read and write▲◇•☆. Another report released by Peking University Sixth Hospital estimates that at least 5% of children have pay more attention to defects•◇□☆, only a few partial parts have been diagnose.

China New Network May 27th, the Central Government resident contact office news, the Central Peoples Government in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Contact Office issued a statement on May 27 that the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region today passed the ○□”2021 to improve the election system (Comprehensive Revision) Bill…★, this marks the formation of the Hong Kong Special Zone Selection Committee elections◇●◆, Legislative Council elections and chief electoral elections-▪★, and congratulations on this▼-★▲. The statement pointed out that the Bill implemented the spirit of the National Peoples Congress ◇◇”311″ decision and the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee ◁◆●”330″ repair, reasonably absorbed the suggestion of the Legislative Council Members and the social sectors…=, fully reflecting the wide social socie.

Original title◆-▼…: From the “World Factory” to a higher level, on February 26 this year, COSCO held a ritual in the largest port of Greece, celebrating the companys wholly-owned Bidding Pier Co., Ltd★■. A 20,000 standard box-level container berth is officially put into use, as well as the Groups 20,000 standard box-level container ship visited than Hong Kong for the first time. The picture shows the “Central Sea Machineur” 20,000 standard box-level container ship stops in the port of Piravez△…●. In the past five years, facing the structural problems of the world economic recovery and the structural problems in the domestic economic development, and the deep contradictions◁○▽●, Chinas face, pioneering, economic strength, the new level, the gross domestic product increased from 54 trillion yuan By 82••.7 trillion yuan○•=▪, an average annual increase of 7▪☆.1%; Chinas economic structure has a major chang.