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[lentil protein industry]Original title▷□: 2018 National Two Sessions, Guizhou Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, Fu Xinping: Big data allows judicial fair to see the new Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang Chen Peng) Today (March 9), the National Peoples Congress Representative, Fu Xinping★◁★, the procurator of Guizhou Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, said on the channel of the 13th National Peoples Congress, the big data and artificial intelligence deep into the side of peoples lives, and the Guizhou prosecution system develops related systems and application platforms, and doing service beforehand. There is a regulatory in things, and afterwards have evaluated▪•, the judicial fairness can be seen▲□☆-. He said that in addition to confidentiality, all data can be disclosed in the case, and all people can host the case•●■○, process●…, handling results, and case cases△△, so that the judicial faction can be seen and touche.

Original title: Phuket Volunteers seven non-resisted days: Survivors heard Chinese crying to help the compatriots home is from the heart: Legal Evening News Thailand local time July 5, 17:45■☆◆-, Beijing time 18 At the time 45, the Phuket Tour “Phoenix”, “Aisa Princess◁…☆•” overturned in the return of the big storm, “Aisa Princess No.” is all rescued, and “Phoenix” is contained Some visitors will sink into the sea●▽. By the end of July 11, 47 victims in the “Phoenix” were found. Finally, 101 people were confirmed, including 89 tourists△□◁▽, 42 people were killed, 47 people were killed. After the sea disaster, Phukets local Chinese peoples WeChat figures prayed an expression icon instant screen○◁▪, many local Chinese a.

Original title: The United States signed “Communication Act and Taiwan”, Chinas four major institutions connected to the sword! [Global Network Comprehensive Report Reporter Zhao Yanlong] Local time March 16, the US signed the ▷△”Communication Act” and Taiwan. From 3 oclock in the afternoon of the 17th, the four major institutions▷▲▪, including the Chinese Embassy, ​​Ministry of Foreign Affairs◆▽□, the Ministry of National Defense and Peoples Daily, and this voice and bright sword were connected within 12 hours△▽◁◆: strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition About Us.! Embassy in the United States: China is strongly dissatisfied with this●◁•! On the afternoon of March 17, the Chinese embassy spokesperson issued a conversation on the United States and Taiwans interaction Act☆=△, and the relevant provisions of the “Communication Act-▷” and Taiwan have serious violations violates the three joint communiques of China and the United States. China is strongly dissatisfied with this and resolutely opposes-•☆■. A Chinese principle .

Original title▷△-: The United States requires China asking China to not further ban imported waste metal last July last year, China decided not to import a variety of ……▼”foreign garbage”, let Europe and the United States have a time in hand•▷•★, fall in panic▪○. According to Reuters on March 24th△=■◇, US Friday (23rd) requires China not to further ban imported waste metal. At the WTO Conference held on Friday, representatives of the United States expressed concerns about China import ban and postpass a variety of waste metal import standards. “Chinas import restrictions on recovery products have greatly interrupted the operation of global waste metal supply chains, and the waste metal is not recycled, but is abandoned◇◁…★.” A waste metal processing point in Nanjing (visual China map) USA The representative said that the concern of the Chinese side in the environmental issues, but Chin.

Original title▪…◇: The baseline first-line representation is more than 70% — The Birth of the 18th National Congress June 24th, the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Youth League has arrived in Beijing. Should shoulders more than 81 million group members and more than 35 million group organizations. The representatives of 56 nationalities from all over the country will gather in Beijing•☆•, will be guided by the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinpings new era. Leading hundreds of millions of members of the young people keep up with the party, keeping up with the general book of Xi Jinping, the new journey○◆, the procurement and suggestion, and performing the duties. The roots of the Communist Youth League are in the grassroots◆☆, only the root base, the root youth, connect ★◇▲•”the gather”, and the organization will be popular, in order to truly win your youth◇▲. “The Central Reform Plan of the Communist Youth League◆=●▼” clearly put forward, to adopt reform, obviously improve the leader of the gr low dose chicken native type ii collagen inteligência artificial para a indústria de proteína animal gatorade market share of protein powder industry protein supplement industry india!