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[plasma protein industry]San Francisco May 26th, the Northern City, California, Northern California, a shooting incident, causing at least 8 deaths and 1 injury▼○■, the gunman committed suicide in the case…◁. According to the American Cable News Network☆☆, the San Clara-gun police in San Jose said at the press conference on the same day. At 6:30 local time, a shooting incident occurred in a light rail facility in San Clara Valley, San Jose. At least 8 people died…☆, 1 person was injured◆△. One male gunman killed at the scene. Gunners and victims are staff members of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. Chairman of the San Clara Valley Transportation Administration◁▽…, Glen Hendrick•▲☆□, said in the press conferen!

Sino-Xinwang Kunming May 27th (Xie Yifang Wang Yongwen) has continued to improve in Yunnan▼••, and the China Railway Kunming Bureau has entered the state of flood control “to fight”□…■, and ensure the safety of high-speed rail and passenger train. The Yunnan Railway is a typical southwestern mountain railway, the regional climatic conditions are different◆…, the terrain geological conditions are complex, after entering the main flood season, the mid-range floods in the middle of the Yunnan, and the middle of the Yunnan, the possibility of mountain flood geological disasters in Minnan Province Large, ensuring that the safe pressure in the flood season is large, the difficulties are more difficult, and the situation is complicated-□. The picture shows the railway worker to carry out a new round of flood control hazard investigation and rectification-▪. Yang Yongquan is related to the China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Flood Control Offi.

[Born two premiums afraid no one care? Deputy Director of the Safety Tank: The State will formulate zero to three-year-old infant development plan. Wang Peian=•◆, deputy director of the National Safety Planning Commission, said in an interview with CCTV reporters that the childhood problem is the general concern of the majority of families. After the implementation of the two childrens policy◆▼●○, Quite a family think about life is not born■▼, it is worried that no child is taken care of in the future. The relevant departments of the National Health and Sports Committee, the Ministry of Finance△○▷▪, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs are stepping up investigating research. Based on the extensive in-depth investigation and research, we will develop our national infants (mainly 0 to 3 years old). Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Huo .

(Anti-neooperative pneumonia) China R & D new crown recombinant protein vaccine three-pin procedure multi-place inoculated China New Agency, Beijing May 28 (Reporter Sun Zifa) Journal from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Microbiology Institute (Chinese Academy Microbiology –=-“…☆□, by this With the joint development of enterprises, the three-needle immunization procedural, the first new clinical virus recombinant subunit protein vaccination▪◁, starting in Beijing on the 27th. At this point★▪□, it is a new crown recombinant protein vaccine as one of the five vaccine technology routes of the China Layout▷◇. After the acquisition of emergency use in mid-March□▲◁, there has been more provinces in Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu▼…•-, Shandong, Guizhou, Hubei○▷▼, Henan, Beijing. City to invest in epidem.

Original title: China is never afraid of trade war, and has the ability to deal with any challenge. In the afternoon☆◁☆, he said that there were many media interviews in Chinese and foreign media. On March 21, 2018, the WTO announced the report of the expert group of Chinas counter-subsidy measures (DS437), supported the two important claims of the Chinese side on the comparison of the subsidy▷●, and the number of special points of specialization●□▪. The counterfeit measures involved in the case violate the WTO rules. Who is the Chinese and American trade friction? How do I treat this WTO ruling•-▷◇? To see the depth interpretation of the Ministry of Commerce. For a long time▷…, the US has been abusing anti-subsidy measures, and Chinas products are normal to the United State■-▲. collagen tripeptide industrial bacteria protein Pure collagen.

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