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Pectin manufacturer![function of protein in food industry]Wan Hao-◇●, Han□•, Han, Han, May 1956▲•★, Hubei Public Security, National Civil Revolutionary Member, March 1974, Participation in Work□=△▷, graduated from the International Law Research Institute, Wuhan University, graduated from the postgraduate degree, doctoral degree in law▲■•▷, professor. At the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, Vice Chairman, Chairman of the Central Committee of the People s Republic of China○■▪. From 1974 to 1977, Daxi Township☆▪, Hubei Province, Zhihe Township…▷, 1977-1980, Wuhan University, Department of Foreign Language, Wuhan University, Department of Foreign Language, Teacher, Law Institute, Department of Law▽▲, Lecturer★=◆○, Law△•◁, Law•■■◁: 1981-1988 Wuhan University Masters student, doctoral student•■; 1986-1987 Graduate School of Jerus University, 1988-1991•☆, Wuhan Universi.

Zhongxin Net Ningbo May 27 (Reporter Li Di) Turkeys craft dish, Thailands pastel golden cap, Sri Lankas commemorative brand ★◁… In the past few days-■, Zhejiang Ningbo launched “2021 to go near all the way” Asia The National Exhibition has demonstrated a number of Asian countries to give souvenirs to Ningbo. The craft Pale Church of the Tuyou Association was given by the Craft Pan Li Di…○, the Civil Pan Li Di•▷, who was given by the delegation of Vietnam▽◇▼●, was located in Ningbo City Library, and is divided into •▽=”same”. Asia “” Regional Economic Cooperation “” The Road of Friends City “” Natural Scene •◁”△-” Historical Humanities •◆”unit. Among them, South Korea, Brunei▷▽, and O hard gelatin capsule size chart food grade pectin!

Original title…■▲■: Two sessions this year▲•, they participated in and expected that in 2018◆•, the beginning of the 19th National Spirit of the Party is also a good year of building a well-off society, implementing the =◆•”13th Five-Year Plan”. In this context▼▲◁▽, this year, the nationwide will be held, and it is very eye-catching. The report interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Democratic Parties and foreign friends to perceive their attention and expectations of the nationwide. ■ On the eve of the theme of the proposal, the democratic parties held the news ventilation meeting▼▼■=, introduced the situation of the participation in political bogies in the past year, and notified the relevant situation of submitted proposals this year. From the perspective, the proposal proposed by the democratic Parties is in close to the theme of the times, focusing on the key difficulties of the national center work and reform and development-=, reflecting social concerns, and physical.

Original title△▼: Duck Blood Pump Soup Regulation Standard Application? Nanjing: Studying Duck Blood Diversion Soup, which is the most authentic? Recently, Jiangsu Nanjing Food and Drug Administration responded that the local standards of duck blood powder soup are still in research. The Nanjing Catering Chamber of Commerce is preparing for its application. Responsible Editor▷◇-: Zhang hm pectin hydrolyzed fish collagen peptide!