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[collagen drink skin whitening]Original title: Heavy pound•◁-△! The 2018 National Science and Technology Award Nominates 1446◇▲, 45 do not accept reporters on the 23rd, from the National Science and Technology Awards Office▼◇-, the 2018 National Science and Technology Awards have been completed, and the National Natural Science Awards, the National Technology Invention Award and the country 1446 nominated items in the Science and Technology Progress Award. There are 45 in the formal review of unqualified items and will not be accepted. Among them▲◁◁, there are 3 national natural science prizes■●▽, 8 technical invention prizes (7 general projects, 1 special project)△△◁△, 34 scientific and technical progress awards (30 general projects, 4 dedicated projects)◁…▷•. According to the National Science and Technology Awards Ordinance■•, 269 national natural science prize programs▲▷◁, 299 technical inventive awards, general projects, and 240 technical invention award=☆▷☆.

China News Agency Tianjin May 27 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) The 11th China Overseas Chinese Vendorship Forum was launched in Tianjin on the 27th●▼□■. The representatives of the Fourth Council attended the Five Council of China and 32 countries and regions from 32 countries and regions at home and abroad, experts and scholars attended the forum■○. This session is hosted by the China Overseas Chinese Commerce, the Department of Tianti (Municipal Overseas Chinese Office), Tianjin Overseas Chinese Federation and other departments, with “14th Five-Year” “double cycle” and the new opportunities – Tianjin · “Overseas Chinese” See new opportunities as the theme, highlight services and integrate into build new development patterns★▽★☆, and contribute to regional economic development. At the opening ceremony of the forum●◆◇, Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, Tianjin Business Bureau, Tianjin Ministry of Industry and Information Technolo protein engineering applications in science medicine and industry collagen whitening Pure collagen organic beef gelatin what is pasture raised bovine hide collagen peptides,!

Original title Minister of Education: 11.2 billion yuan to subsidize the countrys two sessions of the country, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, Du Zhanyuan, discussions in the Education Educational Participation In terms of construction, it has achieved significant results, implemented rural teachers life subsidies▽•, only one, the central government subsidy is 11▼▽.2 billion, covering 725 counties○▼, benefiting more than 1.3 million rural teachers=○…▲. In addition▷▽☆, in the special post plan, 280◇◁▽◁,000 special post teachers were recruited. According to reports, since the 18th National Congress, in the construction of teachers▽▼, the construction, the construction of teachers, the teachers style, teachers ability••, quality training, the country increases, the national training program (National Training Program) Central Arrangement of Primary and Secondary School Teachers 10 billion•▪=◇, cultivated primary and secondary schools, kindergarten teachers ?

China New Network May 28th IMM■△▲▪, Egypt has invited Israel to meet with Palestinian representatives★=-, Israeli Foreign Minister Ashknzi will go to the Egyptian capital Cairo next week. However, the specific negotiation schedule has not yet been finalized•▲◇△. Data Map: On May 22, local time, in the Gaza Strip Al-Rimal Business District◁◆□◁, the owner is sitting in front of the damaged shop door…★◁. Israeli Public Broadcasting Company reported earlier•=, Egypt has invited Israeli and Palestinian delegation to Cairo, discuss issues such as exchange of prisoners of war and Gaza. According to reports, Palestinia also includes representatives of the Palestinian government and Hamas armed personnel. Israel, Hamas a.