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[hydrolized bovine collagen peptides]Original title▽▽◁: Focusing The EU passed the new law to the foreign media to the foreign media: Considering Chinese factor foreign media said that after August 7th after the sanctions of Iran, Trump remouting◁•, this warning object is not just Iran. Under the evacuation of European companies–△, can Iron Iran can respond to the abacus for more strict agreements•★? According to the Russian satellite network reported on August 7th, Igal Satrov, the Institute of Modern Thought Development, Russia, believes that: △-■□”The EU is making it its own decision, considering other people▲▼◁☆, including China△▼▷□, may be sanctions The practice of countries affecting. “▲ [到] US President Trump comes to” Iran “leather shoes◇△■☆, leading to damage to leather shoes▽▪□☆, but his feet are also bloody. Trump recently ordered the restoration of Irans sanctions and triggered the extensive concerns of European allie▼◁.

Walking out is not the end, go out and generate effective impact, let foreign friends know more about China□◆★, understanding China is the goal to mention cultural exchanges, cant think of two years ago, a topic event. The popular singer Shang Wenyi and a non-legacy inheritor jointly interpreted a paragraph “Jingzhou”-▽△, and the fishery songs were joined to the fisherman★●◁▷. Singer Li Gu has been combining non-legacy and foreign language, will lose traditional cultural charm▷▲★◇, and Shang Wen believes that when facing foreign speakers, this “combination” will reach a better effect■○▼. Two people trigger a large number of “Burst Reviews” on the Internet▽▼★, and it also refraves a topic that long-term troubled our topics: How is cultural to go out better? “How Chinese culture goes out” is not a new topic. There is a lot of discussions and practices from the beginning of the opera◁▽◁. Conte●△▽▷?

Original title★◁: The National Radio and Television General Administration Functional, Internal Agency and Personnel Preparation Regulations Article 1 According to the ☆□▼”Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Deepening the Party and the National Institution”, “Deepening the Party and National Institutional Reform Plan “and the” State Council Institutional Reform Plan “approved by the 13th National Peoples Congress△▽, this provision is established. Article 2 The State Bank of Radio and Television is a direct institution of the State Council and is a positive level■•…-. Article 3 The main responsibilities of the State Administration of Radio and Television are: (1) Implementing the partys propaganda policy policy, formulating policy measures for radio television, online audiovisual program services, strengthening radio and television position management, grasping the right public opinion orientation and creative orientation. (2) Responsible for drafting radio and television, online audiovisu●▷▲.

Original title: Fu Ying: Talking about Chinas Story Improvement International Communication For a while, the international strategy and security community and international scholars have published a lot of articles and books, inspections, and analyze how this emerging country will affect the world•◁▲□. I still remember that when studying in Britain in 1985, I often looked at national newspapers in the library. It is rare to find a piece of tofu block involving China. Nowadays, Chinas articles and writings have not seen, however★◇, a basic fact has not changed▪•…-, this is, in the international publication, there is still no more information about Chinas first hand information. Overall, in terms of international knowledge and information library•▪◆, the modern knowledge from mainland China has been relatively lacking, and there is no systematic and integrity☆▷-▼. For example, I visited the Britis■○◁▽! application of single cell protein in food industry collagen water

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