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[cap and shell gelatin capsule]Original title: National Medical Insurance Bureau●•▷: New Round Anti-Cancer Medicine Adjustment Negotiation Complete New Beijing News (Reporter Wu Xi) On August 4, the reporter learned from the National Medical Security Bureau that the relevant person in charge said that the country The medical insurance bureau measures measures to speed up the price reduction of anticancer drugs-◇△. Among them, a new round of anticancer drug medical insurance premises is expected to be completed before the end of September•★○. The National Medical Insurance Bureau said that on accelerating the reduction of anti-cancer drug price reduction■◇, after more than a month ago, the current work is progressing smoothly and has achieved initial results. For anticancer drugs in the catalog, actively do a good job in concentrated procurement of provincial anticancer drugs, and effectively reduce drug prices; the National Medical Insurance Bureau has issued a notice request, and all localities are also deploying, and some are also actively explored regional alliances. Centralize the purchase, enlarge the market▽▼=▲, and motivate the companys price cuts-▲. It is reported th.

Original title US media seeing the rise and fall of the wear jewelry▽▽: Most of the US shelf todays Easter accessories in the Yangwei shop will be shipped to the United States (US “Los Angeles Times◆○◇★” Website) Reference Message Network on March 30 Media said that Yiwu is the worlds largest wholesale market: there are 5 body models of shopping centers, which are thousands of small stalls…◆. According to the US “Los Angeles Times■•▪” report on March 29, 30-year-old Yang Wei (sound) operates a childrens bedroom size Easter ornament store. Plush rabbit, plastic egg, plush chick-▪, etc. filled with shelves◇▼-◇. Most of these things will be shipped to the United States. She said: “Our toy designers will go to the United States and Europe. Then they will come back to design toys suitable for the market.” Report★△, if you have ever h.

The General Office of the State Council on the reform of the National Office of the Administration of the Administration of Geophysical Supply and the Use of Policy-○, the Peoples Government of various provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, the Ministry of State Council, the direct institutions◁◆: to implement the partys 19th National Spirit and Party The central government▷…★, the State Councils work deployment of healthy China◁•, deepening the medical reform, promoting the research and development of imitation drugs◇▪◆, enhances the efficacy of imitation drugs, improves drug supply guarantee capability, and better meets clinical medicines and public health safety needs, and accelerate my countrys pharmaceutical big country The pharmaceutical powers have spanned•◁▽•, and the following comments are now proposed by the State Council☆◆■○. 1. Promote the research and development of the imitation drug (I) Develop a drug catalog that encourages the imitation. Establish cross-sectoral drug production and use information sharing mechanism▼■◆, strengthen drug supply guarantees and use information monitorin?

China News Agency, May 26 (Reporter◁••-, Dai) reporter learned from China Agricultural Rural Ministry, in the first quarter of 2021, Chinas agricultural samples were 97.2%○◁•▷. A few days ago▼◇•, the agricultural rural department conducted a routine monitoring of national agricultural products in the first quarter of 2021, inspected 3 of 81 varieties of 81 varieties of 81 varieties of vegetables■•, livestock products and aquatic products, and monitoring 109 large•…=-. 635 vegetable production bases in the city=▷○★, 414 vegetable transport vehicles, 255 slaughterhouses, 153 farms, 501 vehicles (a) aquatic product transport vehicle or temporary pool, 633 agricultural products wholesale (farmland) market. Supervi! collagen tripeptide vs collagen peptide Chicken collagen type II About Us affinity ligands for industrial protein purification peptide collagen fish 100 nippi origin,