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Gelatin capsule custom print capsules gelatin gelitine,[plasma protein industry]Original title: Taiwan defense department: nearly 50 Chinese liberation army ships have passed the Taiwan Strait Plan source: United Daily newspaper on July 22, according to Taime media reports, Taiwan defense department sources pointed out that the Liberation Army Navy Ship has passed the Taiwan Strait, two days The total number of ships through the Taiwan Strait will be nearly 50, including the “Chinese God Shield” destroyer. According to the “United Daily report” quantiase, the Navy Ship▲★, the Liberation Army, the Navy Ship◇●, suddenly opened by the Taiwan Strait☆•▼, high-speed through the Taiwan Strait, through the Taiwan Strait, through the Taiwan Strait, nearly 50 According to reports◆▷★, there is a large ship, including the PLA East Sea Fleet◆=△▪, such as 052C / 052D “China God Shield” destroyer, and other models of large tonnes, almost a.

At the invitation of the Minister of Defense, India, August 21st to 24th, the State Councilors and the Minister of Defense Weifeng and the colors will be officially visited to India▽△. This visit is an important visit to the leaders of China and India. During the period, Wei Minister will meet with the leaders of the State and military leaders◁△, and the two sides will exchange opinions on the relationship between the two militaries and joint concern•△-•. China-Indian two military relations is an important part of the relations between the two countries. At present▷▽•△, the two armies are actively intending to implement the important consensus of the President of the Power and Moti, strengthen communication and coordination●▷▪, promote mutual benefit cooperation…☆, and accumulate strategic mutual trust, ensure that the two military relations is benign, to promote the more close development partnership between the two countries. Role▲▪. Editor in charge▷=◁-: Huo .

Original title: The left front arm is raised by an amputation of the disaster, and the last survivor is “the last survivor•△□◆” Ma Yuanjiang▽■★☆: “I never treat myself as a disabled” · Peoples business card · Ma Yuanjiang, 42 years old this year, China Network Sichuan Electric Power Company Yingxiu Wan Hydraulic Power Generation Factory. The collapsed office building was buryed in the Wenchuan Earthquake. At 1 oclock in the morning of May 20th, he was successfully rescued☆▲, trapped 178 hours and 22 minutes, it was the longest rescue of the Wenchuan earthquake■■■★. Ma Yuanjiang▲★☆◁, a name that was well known ten years ago. He was buried under the Wenchuan earthquake, a total of 178 hours•□□▪, 22 minutes●●▪☆, is the last survivor who is rescued. Before the landslide◁◇, he had a “last meal” in the electric plant cafeteria, and then eight days eight nights▼☆•, the drip is not in. In the collapsed office building▷▪, there is no food■◆, dri.