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Pure collagen.[invincible certified industries proteine]China News Agency▼▽-△, May 28 (reporter Zhao Jianhua Liu Yingying) The VAT invoice data released on the 28th of the National Tax Administration shows that in April this year•△◇, Chinas sales revenue continues to stabilize and grow, industrial economy continues to recover, consumption▼▽, invest Steady, the economic recovery growth is continuously reinforced. Among them, the national enterprise sales revenue increased by 12.9%. At the press conference held in Beijing, Zhao Lie, deputy director of the Income Planning Account of the State Administration of Taxation▲=◆, showed that VAT invoice data showed that in April, the sales revenue of national enterprises increased by 24.6% year-on-year, which increased by 27.5% from 2019. Average growth in two yea▼◁▪○.

Original title▪○★◇: Another big action! China R & D ■-“Super High Speed ​​Rail”, theoretical speed can reach 1000 kilometers gelation food 2 gelatin solution=- proteínas en la industria alimentaria pdf technical grade gelatin! The ★△◆”super ring high-speed rail•☆△▪” advocated by technology madman has been recognized in the United States. It is conducting a feasibility plan. The ultra-ring high-speed rail uses low vacuum pipelines and magnetic suspension techniques, and the speed will approach the aircrafts 1000 km speed◁★▼-. This high-speed rail can not only build a surface, but also excavation of underground tunnels…●•. In China=☆, this experiment is also in progress. “Economic Half-hour○☆■” reporter in a laboratory in Chengdu, I saw Chinese scientists working hard. China publishes high-temperature superconductive suspension technology Chengdu Southwest Jiaotong University▪▪, the worlds first vacuum pipeline super high-speed maglev train ring experiment line platform is the first manned high temperature superconducting magnetic suspension ring experiment line. Total li.

Original title-…▪▪: (Xinhua Times) The United States is ◆☆▷”Wenyi” will only be defeated to returned the new China☆○★, Beijing April 6th, the United States, “Wenyi” will only endure the Take the New China newspaper reporter in Jiaxins strong roots, US President Trump threatened to increase tariffs for Chinese goods in China○◆. Its remarks come out, and public opinion is inherent. If the US▽□-, China said that he will pay attention to any price, it must be resolutely responded◁–, and it must be adopted to adopt new comprehensive response measures to resolutely defend the interests of the country and the people●★. Trump has been known as “decision”•▼◇. I have said that the trade war is very simple. The United States will definitely win. After China released the same strength☆…, the equivalent of the equivalent peers, he also tripped on the twitks△★, saying that it is not to fight against China, to be committed to cutting trade●★•. Defix. Today, also clai▲◁☆.